Creating an innovative educational and recreational space

New York – The de Blasio administration today officially began a public debate process on a zoning change project for the southern half of Governor’s Island. The effort could result in up to 4.5 million square feet of commercial, academic, cultural and institutional buildings that would complement and financially support the island’s popular parks, community programs and cultural facilities. This redevelopment will build on the city’s work to redesign historic buildings with an emphasis on new development areas to support the job-creating industries and innovative educational that represent the city’s future.


To develop and improve business destinations and education


The southern half of Governor’s Island will be transformed into a year-round center for innovation and education. This project will build on the city’s work to redesign historic buildings with a focus on new areas that represent the future of the city. The next phases of the project will develop specific modernization plans, if only their general principles are defined.

420,000 m2 of the area to be converted


State: increased resident and business interest in the area
Citizens: improving the neighborhood

New York City






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