Pilot project on data exchange in the field of cybersecurity


To encourage data sharing between the public sector, business, and community and improve the overall city’s resilience to cyber attacks


As part of the pilot program, the government creates an information hub where all companies registered in Hong Kong can become members. On the common platform cybersechub. HK, they will be able to share cybersecurity best practices, receive expert advice, and share information with the public in the public space. In addition, quick notifications will allow businesses to counter cyberattacks together. Hub members are required to undergo a two-step verification so that there is a safe environment within the community. As of September 2018, 229 employees from 81 companies have registered for the portal.

September 24, 2018 Project Announcement
2020 End of program.
229 people registered on the portal as of September 2018


Government and business: responding quickly to cyberattacks and mitigating their potential consequences.



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