Many studies talk about “how we came to this world” or what are drivers of our existence. Nobody knows for sure the whole story of truth, although we can prove for sure one thing – we continuously evolve. In our model of understanding, we can say that we are evolving from super-stupid to super-smart. By getting an education, developing technologies, and constantly growing our physical meaning.

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Suddenly, these days we are forgetting our natural and spiritual meaning. We need to change it, otherwise, we are sentenced to death by the system of greed. I am not a visionary of the end of the world. I just know that we are a simple form of life that is just at the beginning of the real intellectually progressed civilization. Usually, when people talk about our civilization, they talk about some static condition. But I don’t think so. It is a continuous process. We are not civilized yet, and most probably we never become fully civilized because we need deeper and much more universal knowledge to become “intelligent”.

When I talk about the intellect, I talk about the continuous process of education and getting universal knowledge. We have many people who are pretty well informed in specialized areas of electricity, chemistry, or any other proficiency. Let’s say people who are pretty well informed in area “A”. But they have no idea about areas of medicine, agriculture, and many other proficiencies. So we can easily say – they are not informed about area “B” at all. And when people talk about civilization, it sounds like we already reached the perfection of knowledge. I think, not at all.

Till the time we have wars, police, jails, fighting, torture, rapes, aggression, hate, fear, stress, or greed, I can assume that we are only at the very early beginning of civilized humans. Only when the world will be united we start the beginning of the civilized community – the education-based community. Right now, we are really far from that.

I am not a utopist or a humanist who wants all the best for all people. Not at all. Although I believe in a balance of nature, balance of the universe, instead of complaining or blaming what we are, what we do, and how we serve, I am just trying to do at least something. Maybe it does not make sense, and maybe yes, but for me, it makes sense to at least try.

When people ask me if I want to develop an ideal humanity or a utopia. I just answer – I don’t understand words like ideal humanity, or words like utopia. Nothing can reach ideal conditions except the universe – God itself, but I know we are able to make our life much better than it is now.

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