Smart system to reduce transport waiting times during large events


Reducing waiting times, increasing visitor satisfaction


The Dubai Department of Transport is introducing a “smart transportation management system” to reduce waiting times for transport during exhibitions and conferences.

The Smart Time Management system allows us to understand the number of visitors – travelers – and to send the necessary number of public transport and cabs. The system also allows informing passengers about the number of available vehicles and the expected time of arrival.

The system consists of screens at the beginning, middle, and end of the waiting line, a device for determining the number of visitors and the required type of service, customer satisfaction, a main server for computers and cameras for reading cab signs at the entrance or exit to the event site.
The system was tested at two major events held at the Dubai World Trade Center. The Department of Transportation reports that the tests showed reduced wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

Aug. 6, 2018 Project launch


State: increased attractiveness of the city as a venue for international events
Citizens: improved transportation service




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