This is the story of a man whose ambitious goals and ideas largely transform our reality and make a much more endearing future. The American editor of the Rolling Stone spent nine months watching him with everything he did and worked on the following article. It perfectly summarizes who he is and what his colleagues are working on with the visionary and inventor Elon Musk.

It is Friday afternoon, and in his SpaceX offices in Hawthorne, California, Elon’s three children converge – one of the triplets and his two twins.

Musk is wearing a gray shirt and sitting on a rotating chair at his desk. He has no own office or table behind the closed door. He is in a corner cubicle decorated with pictures of his rockets and various things that remind him of Tesla and his other companies.

Perhaps most interesting in his cubicle is a poster with a falling star and underlined inscription: “When the star falls and we wish something, our dreams can become reality. But unless it is a real meteor flying to Earth that destroys all life. Then it’s just not what you wanted. If you did not want to be killed by a meteorite, “For many people, this message may seem like a perfect representative of black humor, but in this environment and context it is a perfect reminder of Elon’s ambitious plan: to create a background for humanity on the Moon and other planets in the universe.

So if humanity, before Elon and his coworkers achieves their ambitious goals, does not send itself into dark times alone. When Elon succeeds, he will probably be remembered as one of the most important personalities of our millennium. And one day, all children on different planets of the universe will celebrate Muske day as a commemoration of the birth of a person who started the era of space colonization.

And this is just the tip of the glacier of Elon Musk’s ambition. Excluding the electrification of the automotive industry, our households and all sectors still living on fossil fuels are working on super-fast interurban transport, mitigating traffic jams through underground tunnels with electric platforms for car and people transport, interconnecting the human mind with the computer and popularizing development artificial intelligence, which could quite fairly decide in the wrong hands about the extermination of the human race.

It must be added, however, that Elon, at the age of 46, has far from accomplishing one of his goals. Yet.

But even so, he has a few things to boast of just a handful of living people: without any previous experience, he has entered two industries that have been difficult to access through standards and processes – car production (Tesla) and missiles (SpaceX) – and build the best products, measured on any meaningful metric you just think. And during that, he managed to achieve goals so sublime that in the mouth of anyone else he would be called fantasies.

“I’m looking at short positions,” Musk says, reading CNBC on her iPhone. He talks to the kids without looking at them: “Guys, look at it: Tesla has the largest short position on the stock market. $ 9 billion. “

His children lean toward the phone, to tables I do not quite understand. So my 13-year-old son, Griffin, explains: “People are betting that Tesla’s stock will go down. When it happens, they make a lot of money. But they’re going up, so they just lost a crazy bundle of money. “

“Unfortunately, they are stupid people who want us to finish,” Musk writes. “They are constantly attempting to invent false gossip and to intensify all the negative rumors that are about us. They have a really strong motivation to lie and question their integrity, it’s really terrible, it’s … “

He stuck in the middle of the sentence. “Unethical?” I tried to help him.

“It’s …,” he shakes his head, looking for the right word. “Ubiquitous,” he says quietly.

In the current world, it is easy to mistake, who is the one who puts things in motion and who is just a caricature that fits perfectly into the world. Our culture always needed villains and heroes, fools and geniuses, scapegoats, and patterns. And despite speculation, Elon is not a robot sent from the future to save mankind. For nine months, I watched him in everything he did-from thinking about how we would once land on Mars to planning new breakthrough technologies that are about to develop with my colleagues in the field of artificial intelligence. I looked at who Elon Musk was, and I found out he was none other than myths and rumors about him.

A full-fledged technologist and a chess master

The New York Times refers to him as “the most successful and most important entrepreneur in the world”. And it’s no wonder: he is probably the only person behind several billions of companies – PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. But in his core, Elon is not an entrepreneur or a typical entrepreneur. He is an engineer, an inventor, and, as he likes to use it, a “technologist”. Thanks to his natural talent for engineering, he can find inefficiencies and shortcomings that affect our civilization.

His children had to leave home soon, to his mother and Elon’s former wife, Justin. “I wish we could be private,” Elon murmured in the context of the stock market. “It makes us less effective to be a public company.”

Silence follows. Musk leaned over his desk and looked at the phone, but did not write or read anything. Then he slumped to the floor, his seat cradle. I sat down opposite him and began to ask about the details of the publication of Tesla Model 3, which took place a week ago, about how he felt during the stage and told an enthusiastic audience that he had managed to achieve a 14-year plan to produce the first mass-produced electric car.

The goal, for Musk, was not to produce an electric car with a price of $ 35,000. It was essential to produce a $ 35,000 electric car that is so good and demanded that it force other manufacturers to phase out fossil-fueled cars and produce cars on the market for electricity. And to a certain extent, it has succeeded, within two months of the world’s largest automaker (General Motors and Jaguar Land Rover) announced they are planning to end the production of fossil fuel cars and that they spend their time and money on the development and production of electric cars.

I asked Elon for a question and he stopped me. “Wait a minute, I need to go to the toilet. Then I ask you to ask me a question again. I have to get things out of my mind, “he paused.

After five minutes, Elon never returned. Sam Teller, his head of staff, left him looking up, saying, “I’ll be back soon.”

After a few minutes, both of them are coming and something is whispering to each other. Then Musk sat down again at the table.

“We can translate our meeting on another day if it’s not right,” I suggested to him.

Emotionally at the bottom

Musk leaned against the desk and refused. “It will take some time for me to get into the rhythm of the events,” he said. “I broke up with my girlfriend, I was really in love with her, and now it hurts.”

He paused, and immediately corrected himself: “Well, she rather broke up with me than I did with her.”

After a while, he finally answered the question: “I was in heavy emotional pain,” Musk explains his mood during the series production of the new car. “It was hard for me to not look like the most depressing guy during all of this. Most of that day I was sick, and then I had to start mentally. I drank a few Red Bulls, spoke to positive people, and then I said, ‘All these people rely on me. Okay, I’m going into it! ‘”

A few minutes before he started, after Elon meditated for the first time in his life, he chose the song that accompanied him on the podium. “R U Mine?” By Artic Monkey.

Elon wandered his gait for a few more minutes. Then he turned to me and asked, “Do you know someone I could walk with? It’s very difficult for me to talk to people. “He swallowed and quietly coughed. “I’m looking for a long-term relationship. I do not want anything for one night. I’m looking for a serious partner, that’s what’s going on. “

I tried to react calmly and advised him that it was not a good idea to go into another relationship. He should first take some time for himself and find out what he does not do in his relationships: in his marriage to writer Justine Musk, in marriage to actress Talulah Riley and in his relationship with actress Amber Heard.

“If I’m not in a relationship, I can not be happy,” he said.

So I tried to explain to him that the desperate need to have someone besides each other is bordering on addiction.

Musk disagreed. “That’s not true at all,” he replied. “I will never be happy. He’s going to sleep alone kills me. “Elon stared up and continued,” It’s a terrible feeling to be alone in a big empty house and to hear my own footsteps echoing through the corridor. Full Empty – You do not have a side-by-side. Whore. What makes you cheer up in such situations? “

Musk is right, I realized.

“When I was a child, there was one thing …” Musk continued. I noticed that, despite his confident attitude, a tide of emotions had accumulated in his eyes and cheeks. He stopped, “I never want to be alone.” His voice dropped in a whisper, “I never want to be alone.”

He began to look silently forward. Musk is a titan, a visionary, a charismatic man who asserts massive historical inevitability – but in this context, he looks like a child who is afraid of separation. When I think about it, perhaps it is here that the origin of its suprapubic is beginning to be written. But only later.

He wanted to show me something. “If you say anything about what you see, it will cost us billions,” he said, standing up from the table. “And they will arrest you.”

The most interesting tourist attractions in all of Los Angeles are found in no guides: It is the southwest part of Hawthorne, around SpaceX. If you went from Crenshaw Boulevard to Jack Northrop Boulevard on 120th Street, you would see the amazing future city under construction. It is the “Musk City”, an alternative reality, a triumph of futuristic ideas more amazing than any Disneyland.

On the west side of the street, you can not miss the 50-meter rocket, which is a perfect reminder of Musk’s dream of cheap space travel. This rocket was the first human-made rocket to come back from orbit back to Earth and then again (successfully) fired back into the universe. On the opposite side of the street, there used to be an employee parking lot before it was the first tunnel for Musk’s The Boring Company, which builds underground tunnels to make urban transport more efficient.

A mile further, at Jack Northrop Boulevard, there is a giant vacuum tube. It is a test project by Hyperloop, Musk’s vision of super-fast interurban travel.

The bottom line, Elon Musk’s vision promises to link the Earth with the rest of the solar system in a way that will greatly change the relationship of humanity to the two most important aspects of our reality: distance and time.

But there is another building here. There, many people did not visit the public and probably will never visit. (Musk took me there). Tesla Design Studio, where people working for Tesla Semi-trucks and other prototypes of Tesla vehicles work.

Where the future is

In front of the entrance, the security guard took the phone and the recorder. They gave me at least a paper notebook and a note pen. After that, we continued to the building where Musk showed me a Tesla truck to help electrify the freight truck market. (Musk even tries to create a supersonic electronic aircraft that will be able to fly vertically and land). There were also four of the most important employees of Tesla – Doug Field, JB Straubel, Franz von Holzhausen, Jerome Guillen – who were looking forward to seeing Musk for the first time exploring the new driver’s cab configuration.

Guillen described to me the whole thought behind Tesla Semi: “We’ve been thinking, ‘What people want?’ They want reliability. Low cost. And comfort. And so we completely redesigned the typical concept of the truck. “

This approach, all this is just the perfect mirror of philosophy recognized by all the world’s leading visionaries: ideas in the first place. In other words, if you want to create or upgrade something, start with clean paper. Do not accept any thoughts or ideas because it is done by someone else. For example, if you want to develop a new truck, you must be able to efficiently move loads from point A to point B, and in doing so keep the physical laws (ideally). Everything else is questionable, including government regulations.

As a result of this style of thinking, Musk is able to see the industry more objectively than anyone else who is doing or working in it for a lifetime.

People have one unfortunate nature in this context. When they decide on something, they do not want to change their opinions – even if they contradict each other. “It’s very unscientific,” Musk argues. “There is a thing. It’s called physics, which contains effective scientific methods to find the truth. “

Scientific method

The “scientific method”, as Musk often calls it, describes how it comes with new ideas, solves problems, and determines how to start the business. Here is how Elon defines herself:

  • Ask questions.
  • Collect as much information as possible.
  • Create evidence-based axioms and try to assign the likelihood of truth to each of them.
  • Create a trust-based conclusion from the information gathered to find out: Are the axioms found correct, relevant, leading to our intent, and with what probability?
  • Ask others to question your conclusion.
  • If no one can refute your conclusion, then you are right

“And that’s a scientific method,” says Musk. “It’s really useful in everything I do,” he adds.

“But most people do not use it,” he continues. “They are more likely to engage in pious thinking that somehow everything will happen. Ignoring counter-arguments. They make conclusions on what they do or do not do. And the outcome of this is the justification: “It’s true because I said it was true,” which leads to biased truth. “

“Tesla’s main intention, at least my motivation,” explains the stunt, “was to speed up the take-up of renewable energy. That’s why all my patents are freely available and can be used by anyone. It’s the best way to speed up the take-up of renewable energy. “

It goes on: “Climate change is the greatest threat of our century, except artificial intelligence. I still repeat people and I do not like to be in this Cassandra. In the scientific community, perhaps everyone who is at least a normal one shares this view. “

For another 20 minutes, Musk studied Tesla Semi. He first commented on the technical specifications, then went into detail – together with his team, he analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of different types of welding. Then he moved to the design. Specifically, on driver comfort issues I can not specify in the article because of the possibility of arresting my person.

According to Musk’s estimates, man defines 80% of nature and 20% of how he lives. While this hypothesis is true, if you want to understand how Elon Musk is changing reality and preparing for our dream future, you have to penetrate into its past, which hides a fear of the extermination of mankind and solitude.

For the first eight years, Musk lived with his mother, Maya, the world model, and his father and engineer, Errol in South Africa. But the two parents did not often see them.

“I did not have a regular nanny or something,” says Musk. “We had only the housekeepers who stopped from time to time to see if I had anything to do. But she ignored me otherwise. And despite the fact that I was assembling rockets and doing things that could kill me. So far, I’m afraid I have all my fingers on my hands. “He looked at his hands and continued,” Books have been up to me. Books and Parents. “

One of the books that describe the world that Musk is building is “The Foundation,” an epic science fiction saga by Isaac Asimov. All these books revolve around visionary Hari Seldon, who has developed a scientific method with which he can predict the future based on the behavior of the crowd. At the 30,000-year horizon, they see how humankind is going to ruin. And so it’s building a plan that involves the colonization of distant planets that should ease the impact of inevitable disasters.

“Asimov certainly had an influence on me, in parallel with Edward Gibbon with the Decline and the fall of the Roman Empire, but it was Asimov who used some kind of modern Galactic Empire,” he explains. “The lessons I have taken from these books are that we should adopt a set of measures that are likely to prolong the existence of our civilization and minimize the likelihood of our fall.”

Back to his family

Maya and Errol divorced. Mussel’s siblings – Kimbal and Tosca – stayed with their mother. Musk went with his father: “I was sorry for my father because my mother had all the children. He looked really sad and lonely. I thought I could do it to him. “

At this time, Musk was about 10 years old. And by his decision, he got into his own darkness. It was a bad decision, but it came from the right place.

He paused and began to remember: “Yeah, I was sorry for my father. Only then did I not understand what my father was. “

“It was not a good idea,” he sighed aloud.

According to Elton, Errol was exceptionally intelligent – a brilliantly brilliant engineer – and probably the youngest man in South Africa who had received engineering certification. When Elon moved to Lone Hill (a suburb of Johannesburg), Errol himself earned money at various construction sites and emerald mines.

“I am naturally good at engineering because my father taught me,” Musk continued. “What is terribly complicated for others is a toy for me. I think these things are quite obvious, but others do not understand. “

What things?

“Maybe how the electrical wiring works in the house, circuit breakers, AC and DC, amps and oxen, how to mix an explosive mixture of gasoline and oxidants, and so on.”

But Musk’s father also had a shadowy page, which for the most part defines what Errol is. “He was a terrible person,” Musk says. “You have no idea.” Musk’s voice shuddered, “My father is literally planning evil.”

However, Musk later confirmed that it was an incredible emotional burden. Not about physical abuse.

Elon’s eyes were blushing while talking about his father. “You have no idea how terrible it was. He has committed almost every crime you can imagine. Perhaps every possible evil you have in mind … “

Musk wanted to say something, but he did not find words. He said, “It’s so terrible, you would not believe it.”

A tear ran down his face. “I do not remember when I last cried.” He turned to Teller, “Have you ever seen me cry?”

“No,” Teller replied. “I never saw you crying.”

The stream of tears on Musk’s face ended as fast as he’d begun. Again he became a man with a cold and stone face. As the whole world knows it.

It is clear to me that this is not the face of someone without emotion but the face of a person who has been forced to suppress all emotions to survive his painful childhood.

A living incarnation of evil, at least according to Elon

When I was looking for the crimes of Musk’s father, I found out that he did not deliberately threaten anyone, and did not commit any violence, except one case of killing three of the five or six armed men who broke into the house. Later, this case was rated as self-defense.

Errol wrote to me by e-mail: “I was accused of being a gay, pedophile, traitor, rat, shit, bastard, and much more. My own mother called me unscrupulous and preached that I should learn humanity. “The end of the e-mail concluded with a sentence:” I still love my children and make anything for them. “

When he became a successful Elon, he made a nice gesture. With the same optimism as he moved to his father, he moved him along with his new family to a luxury home in Malibu. He bought him a house, cars, and ships. But his father, as Elon describes, has not changed.

“From my experience, there is nothing you can do,” says Musk’s lost father’s case and his irreparability. “Nothing, absolutely nothing. I’ve tried everything. I threatened him, offered him rewards, persuaded him, but it had the opposite effect. He got worse. “

Somewhere in this trauma, it is possible to conceal the key to all Elon’s worldviews of creation and destruction, of usefulness and harm, and of defending the world from evil.

It was no better at home than at home. Elon was brutally bullied into his fifteen.

“For a long time, I was the youngest and smartest guy in our class because I was born on the last possible day when he was still taking up the children, on June 28th. So, for me, all school gangs hosted regular cats and mouse hunts, “says Musk.

Musk at that time put down all his books and began to learn martial arts – karate, judo, and wrestling.

Thanks to it, whenever Musk got into the fight with the biggest tyrant of the school, he tried to knock him out for one shot. He realized, “If you fight tyrants, violence will not stop. Until you get them into your nose. They are only looking for goals that they do not want or can not defend. If you make a difficult target by squeezing them into your nose, you will be blamed for it, but they will never do it again. “

When Musk was 17, he left school and moved to his native motherland, Canada. His father did not want it, Musk said, “He was betting I would come over to him in three months, that I would never move there, that I could never do anything myself, and so on. That’s why he called me an idiot all the time. “

After Elon became successful, his father attributed credit for alleged help to the extent that these “merits” were written on the Wikipedia page. “One thing he claims is that he gave us the money to set up Zip2, our first company to provide online city guides, with my brother,” Musk says. “But that’s not true, he did not pay us for a high one, we had to make money with our brother or pay for it through scholarships or student loans. The finances we put into Zip2 came from different Silicon Valley investors, “he says.

Musk’s career adorns his desk. There is a reminder of every company, including the “”, the original internet bank he founded and later renamed PayPal. Sales of Zip2 earned him $ 22 million, partly used to launch that With the $ 180 million after-tax he earned from PayPal, SpaceX has invested $ 100 million, invested $ 70 million in Tesla, and $ 10 million in SolarCity, and has left a few of his own.

Tony Stark? Or Jobs?

Musk is a personality that is strongly associated with a number of misunderstandings. He traces it as a living copy of Tony Stark from Iron Man or the second Steve Jobs. I asked Elon to put on a black turtleneck typical of Jobse for the purpose of shooting. I did not expect what would follow: “If I were to die, and he was wearing a turtleneck,” he told me, “I would try to serve him as fast as possible and throw away as far from my body as possible.”

So, what does Musk want to do?

“I’m trying to do useful things,” he explains. I asked him to come close to this idea: “It’s a great aspiration. Useful things for me mean things that have some added value for society. They work and make people a better life and build a better future, “he paused,” I think we should do everything for the “better” future. “

When I asked him to define what he meant under the word “better,” he began to elaborate: “It would be much better if we were to mitigate the effects of global warming, cleaner air in the cities and stopping coal and oil production in different parts of the world. First of all, it is problematic, and secondly, they will be the same. “

“And if we become a multi-planetary race, we will mitigate the possible consequences of a single event created by man or nature that could forever wipe out our civilization. Just as it was in the dinosaur era. There have been five massive extinctions in our past. However, people did not learn. Multi-planet civilization is, therefore, a safeguard for the future. A life insurance policy as we know it and makes the future much more interesting. “

So, this is the ideology of Elon Musk.

Remember the people who are most connected with the innovations of this century: they are people who built computers, developed operating systems, websites, or social networks. A few years later, these companies have transformed, and now the only problems they solve are how to get to the heart of their users.

If Musk employees had to start thinking about something like this, they would look at themselves and consider themselves totally crazy. This kind of thinking does not make sense: “It’s inconsistent with how we want our world to look,” Musk writes, “everyone is acting according to another moral code, doing things other than the rest of the world, and it does not make sense at all. If everyone tries to prevent their competition to the detriment of the people, there will be a lot of bustles and unnatural confusion. That’s why it pays to do useful things. “

Later, we discuss his vision of the Moon’s human base and further space mission funding by building reusable rockets for travel between cities across our planet. The idea is simple to get to any city in less than an hour.

I asked him if he believed in something that other people were surprised.

“I think I’m a bastard and I’m basing on the truth. Truth and accuracy. So I try to explain to people: “When you work with me, you do not have to read between the lines. I show where the lines are! ‘”

I had the opportunity to watch Musk at a weekly SpaceX engineering team meeting where the top eight people in the industry showed a PowerPoint presentation with the latest news on the development of a rocket that once touched the surface of a red planet. And while Musk listened to the technical specifications from the best brains in the area, he added additional elements and knowledge from areas far beyond engineering and logistics.

“Always make sure the thing does not look ugly or something like that,” Musk recommends to his colleagues. Later, he commented, “The aesthetics of this thing is not much, it looks like a frightened lizard.”

Most useful

This approach perfectly reflects the structure of Musk’s feedback and how he thinks: First, do things that are useful, logical, and scientifically possible.

She is then always looking for a way to improve things at every level: What do people accept as a standard in the industry and where is room for significant improvement?

This gives him solid ground under his feet, and then he sees the aesthetic aspect of his process. The product must be aesthetically beautiful, simple, cool, elegant, and as Musk likes to use “God”.

Another important aspect of this process is an element that focuses only on a handful of companies: personalization. This feature in Musk products most often reflects their Easter Eggs, for example, that the volume in Tesla can be set to level 11 (respecting the Spinal Tap musical) or that the Dragon missiles on the first flight have sent a “secret payload” later turned out to be a round of cheese (in honor of Monty Python).

The job for Musk is, according to his staff, the most exciting thing when he expects you to do your job. For example, one Friday when I went to Elon for another interview, I met a group of SpaceX employees in the parking lot as they were keenly overwhelming their cars. Later, I learned that the same group a few minutes ago was sitting at a meeting with Musk. He asked them how long it would take to remove all the cars from the car park and start digging the first tunnel for his The Boring Company. Their answer: two weeks.

Musk asked them about the reasons, and when he gathered all the necessary information, he concluded: “Let’s start today and see what the biggest hole we can dig into Sunday afternoon. We’ll dig 24 hours a day. “And so it happened, within three hours, cars were gone and a hole in the ground.

His whole approach has one flaw in beauty, setting ambitious terms that he can almost never meet. Roadster, Model S, and Model X were delayed compared to the original plans. And the same scenario follows for Model 3, which is already waiting and probably will be delayed by 500,000 people (in pre-orders). This is for many reasons, but Musk sums it up as follows: “It is better to do good things that will be delayed than to do bad things in time.”

“I expect to fail,” says Musk. We are sitting in a three-story San Francisco building that was recently equipped. Once this building belonged to Stripe, a credit card provider. Now, however, he belongs to Musk, who dedicated it to his two companies: Neuralink and OpenAI.

These companies have similar visions as Tesla or SpaceX when they were at the beginning of their journey. They are groups of a few enthusiastic people who work with scarce resources to achieve ambitious goals that can affect some people’s lives to some level. But unlike Tesla or SpaceX, there is no clear path to the goal – these technologies do not exist yet.

The future belongs to the mind connected to the computer

OpenAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to minimizing the dangers of artificial intelligence. Neuralink is working on technologies that we could implant in the future in the brain to connect with computers and other technologies.

Do you think it is like opposing thoughts? Try to look at this as follows: Neuralink, as people, maintains in the game in some kind of intellectual race. Machines can not overcome us if we have all the benefits of their technology at the heart of our thinking. And that sounds like fair value-added.

Such an unusual Musk day, when he spends in these two societies, looks something like this: Musk shows a document of artificial intelligence to the people of Neuraline. He stands in front of them and tells them about his vision of safe artificial intelligence. “Perhaps there is a 5-10% chance of success,” he says.

The challenge facing OpenAI can be divided into two subsets. The first problem arises when building something that is principally smarter than you. The problem is … that she’s smarter than you. And add the fact that Artificial Intelligence has no emotional side, no remorse, morality, nothing – that’s pretty good.

Another challenge is that OpenAI is a nonprofit organization. It competes with huge projects such as Google DeepMind that Musk has also invested in the past – just to be able to closely monitor the development of artificial intelligence in Google’s hands.

AI and fear of centralizing power

“Companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon – or Apple, but they seem to care about your privacy – have a great deal of information about you, you can not imagine it,” he says. “There is a tremendous risk of centralizing power. If artificial intelligence represented the highest level of power, is it really a good idea to be controlled by a few people in Google without the public being supervised? “

“Sleep,” Musk jokes after the document has finished. Subsequently, he starts a discussion with his colleagues, during which he writes some ideas and associated ideas.

Meanwhile, what he is talking about is reaching for a popcorn cup. And after a moment, he begins to suffocate: “Damn, we are talking about the threat of our civilization,” he says. “And I’m going to suffocate a stupid popcorn here.”

Last conversation

It’s nine o’clock in the night, Thursday, and I’m waiting for Elon in his lobby on our last conversation. After a few minutes, he falls down the stairs, wearing a T-shirt with Mickey Mous in the universe, followed by a skinny blonde.

He was right, he could not be alone.

The woman who goes after him is Talutah Riley, his second wife. They met in 2008 and Musk asked for her hand ten days after they met. They married in 2010. And they divorced two years later, rescued the next year, then divorced (they filed an appeal last) and ended up divorcing.

Musk offered me a drink of something more unique: “My tolerance for alcohol is very low,” he describes. “But then I act like a little furry teddy bear.”

He poured two glasses of whiskey and moved into his living room. He had a mechanical Edison phonograph, an Enigma (encryption machine), and first-world shortwave radio.

During our conversation, Riley lay on the couch a little further, only half of her attention paid our chat, the other half of her phone.

Musk is in a different mood than SpaceX, something that anyone who knows Elon well knows. And that’s the most interesting thing, at one point you can recite the dialogues from your favorite animation; other times to give detailed instructions; other times to completely ignore you; sometimes ask you again for advice on a problem or behave like he never saw you in his life. You will learn one thing, not to take it personally. Most likely, it does not have anything to do with you.

I use the couch on the sofa and I try to turn things around artificial intelligence, as Elon tweeted a few weeks ago: “The competition in the superiority of artificial intelligence probably causes the third world.”

When I try to do it, he thinks, “I do not have all the answers for this topic. I’m not saying I know everything. Let me deal with it, I’m currently trying to find out what I can do. So if you have anything to help in this regard, tell me! “

It does not make sense for Musk to talk at home about work. Instead, I ask him for some personal advice he would like to make to the world: “One thing I learned from my life,” he continues, “is not to meet you when you are at Ambien (translators: a hallucinogenic substance for sleeping problems). “

Musk reached for the book from The Onion and began to browse and laugh. “If you want to understand the basic truth about things,” he theorizes. “I think it’s the best Onion and in some cases Reddit.”

For a moment, he asked nothing, “Did you ever see Rick and Morty?” And our conversation slid from animations such as South Park or Simpson to his favorite book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Do not panic

One of the rules in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxies has also become the family’s number one Musk family’s rule: “Do not panic.”

“Our boys were very nervous about the many things around them,” Riley explains the practical application of this rule.

“We have other rules,” Musk continues. “Safety in third place. We have no second rule, but security does not deserve to be promoted to number two. “

Our conversation was interrupted by Teller – Musk’s Head of the Department of Employees. He informed him that the Hawthorne City Court had just ended the hourly debate that issued a permit to build a two-mile-long tunnel.

“Good,” said Musk. “Now we can dig outside our land. Bare the ferrets! “

Musk laughed at the expression he had just used. So I realized that Musk did not want to talk about his projects and visions at all. At the end of the day, he just wants to relax and laugh at the world he is trying to improve.

I left Elon and his laughter accompanied me with his laughter. So I hope that once they will build on Mars his statue, it will not be a portrait of a sleeping-looking man in the distance, but a small, furry teddy bear.



Unity of soul and mind making good decisions
The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention. The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.




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