ENGIE Solutions, your partner, to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world.

Convinced that the transition to carbon-free energy is the foundation for harmonious progress and that your company, industry, or local authority has a crucial role to play in this process. That’s why we created ENGIE Solutions, to work with you and help you speed up the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, improving your infrastructure to give you a competitive edge, making your town more attractive, and enhancing the comfort of your home and workplace.

Dozens of skills and expertise, all under one roof

Bringing together the entities of ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Ineo, and ENGIE Réseaux, ENGIE Solutions is the trusted partner for companies, industries, and local authorities in the carbon-neutral transition. Drawing on our teams’ wide-ranging skills, expertise, and fields of activity, we can offer you globally sustainable solutions and are committed to achieving results.

Sustainable solutions for a low-carbon world

At ENGIE, CSR is central to our commitments, and the importance of tools such as the CSR report particularly during a health and climate crisis – is obvious. Employees, clients, partners concern all of us, and we know that our stakeholders’ expectations regarding CSR will only increase going forward.

Solutions are responses to the major environmental and societal challenges that our clients are facing and help them meet their own CSR targets. We help them to bring about a more virtuous and more sustainable world with long-lasting, actionable solutions – evidence of which can be seen in what our various stakeholders have said.

Optimizing the use of resources

Improve the efficiency and performance of our clients’ buildings, facilities, and processes in terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, productivity, and service life.

  • Improve the long-term performance of buildings, facilities, and processes
  • Optimize the design of infrastructure, buildings, and facilities
  • Provide in-service support for processes and assets
  • Reduce the environmental impact of buildings and infrastructures
  • Optimize investments and budgets, and minimize financial risk
  • Speed up the digital transition
  • Improve the efficiency of processes and continuity of service

Greening energies

Provide bespoke energy solutions covering production, distribution, storage, and supply of green and local energies (combined heat and power, geothermal, wind power, biomass, thermal/photovoltaic solar power) to combine comfort performance and zero-carbon transition.

  • Switch to a zero-carbon form of energy
  • Ensure continuity of service for energy
  • Manage energy budgets in the long term
  • Tackle the volatile nature of energy costs
  • Green infrastructure

Reinventing living and working environments

We create, improve and manage living and working environments to make them more pleasant and environmentally friendly. This way, we enhance the appeal of cities and the comfort and safety of buildings and industrial sites. We also help create the cities, neighborhoods, buildings, and industries of the future – ones that are more robust and connected to their ecosystems.

  • Enhance your appeal
  • Improve users’ comfort, experience, and safety
  • Rethink buildings and factories in their environments/ecosystems
  • Ensure the connectivity, modularity, and sustainable performance of sites
  • Increase the usage value of infrastructure and its resilience
  • Optimize investments and minimize financial risk
  • Anticipate and develop new carbon-free mobility uses
  • Get support in growth and development/transformation projects

Designing and equipping a Smart City

Managed by ENGIE Solutions and a consortium of partners, the Smart City project seeks to improve how public services are managed and their relationships with residents. It aims to create new ways of doing things while reducing the environmental footprint and energy spending.



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