Mechanical limbs of robots or persons after hand or foot amputation could perceive temperature and pressure in the future as a normal body. Humanity has been approached again by scientists at Colorado University in Boulder, who have produced a virtually complete human skin substitute from a special polymer and nanoparticles of silver. The so-called e-skin is additionally recyclable and healing.

A new discovery could be found in the production of human body spare parts, robotics, or the production of clever textiles.

“It is quite widespread, and in a sense, you allow the sensory perception of otherwise passive systems,” Jianliang Xiao, senior scientist, told Newsweek.

The latest electronic skin is essentially a thin film equipped with sensors that can measure pressure, temperature, humidity, and airflow, according to an article published in the journal Science Advances. The material is made from three commercially available compounds bonded to the silver nanoparticulate structure.

“When the e-skin is broken, the addition of the three compounds into the wound allows it to heal by re-establishing the bonds between the two sides, thus rebuilding the structure and e-skin as new, and if it is too damaged, just put it in solution, which dissolves it so that the material can be used to make a new one, “explains The Verge.

According to research authors, for example, electronic skins could allow potential robotic babies to recognize when a child has a fever. “When a child is sick, a robot can just touch his finger to find out what his temperature is,” Xiao said. “The senses are crucial because if human beings and robots interact with each other, we want to be sure robots will not hurt people,” he added.



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