A double chance to get a subsidy this year – in April and September – for companies and industrial companies in the Czech Republic. Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPPIK). The amount of the subsidy varies according to the size of the business between 15,000 and 5 million dollars.

Roof photovoltaic power plants contribute not only to sustainable development but also bring significant operational savings for their owners. CEZ Solar from CEZ ESCO last year installed and connected a record 307 roof photovoltaic power plants, which is twice as much as a year earlier. “We signed other contracts last year, and this year will be very successful for ČEZ Solar. We confirm our position as the number one on the Czech solar photovoltaic market, “says CEZ CEO and Sales and Strategy Division Director. Most of CEZ’s solar power plants were installed in the Central Bohemia Region including Prague, then in the Ústecký and Moravskoslezský regions.

Photovoltaics with subsidies and turnkey

“People’s interest in the photovoltaic power plant is increasing as well as battery systems. The market for photovoltaics for companies revived with the opening of other subsidy titles in OPPIK. The current grant term for companies ends at the end of April, another is expected in the autumn, “adds CEO of CEZ Solar and CEO of CEZ ESCO’s segment of municipalities and small and medium-sized enterprises. Grants may also be claimed by large companies, with support ranging from 15,000 to 5 million depending on the size of the enterprise. The project must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague. Acquisition of a photovoltaic power plant, whether alone or complemented by a storage battery system, however, involves a number of administrative tasks and time spent on the applicant. CEZ ESCO offers photovoltaic panels, including transportation, installation, commissioning, and commissioning to customers from companies, municipalities, and households. Qualified workers will be able to get a grant and handle a connection request and a license from the Energy Regulatory Office, as well as a contract for the purchase of surplus electricity. To the owners of photovoltaic power plants without a license, moreover, they come forward with the advantageous product of Electricity for sunbeds at a discount.

The benefits of its own green turnkey energy from CEZ ESCO include strengthening energy self-sufficiency, stabilizing electricity costs, and securing the market development of electricity prices. One megawatt-hour of electricity produced from a photovoltaic power plant will save about one tonne of CO2 that would escape into the atmosphere if the same amount of electricity was produced from conventional coal-fired power plants. The expected lifetime of photovoltaic systems is up to 30 years, the return on investment in roof photovoltaics is up to 10 years depending on the amount of installed power, consumption, and the amount of any subsidy.

A battery that holds in need

Companies are also gradually coming to the benefits of photovoltaics supplemented by the CEZ Battery Box. Secure and fully integrated storage system with battery cells (LiFePO4), inverter, and smart control software that allows you to expand the capacity according to the current customer needs and at the same time to respond independently to the needs of each phase. The system shows consumption and production data in clear graphs, uses weather forecasts to maximize the use of electricity, and is ready for future smart grids (smart home, remote switching according to distribution needs, backup or charging stations, including power management).



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