Innovation and Smart City events in Asian region

Smart City Asia
Smart city asia exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
May 2022 Vietnam Smart City Asia is the first specialized exhibition in Vietnam focusing on the field of Smart Equipment,
Smart city promotion EXPO
Smart city promotion EXPO
Koto, Japan June 2022. First Smart city promotion EXPO in Tokyo Big Sight
Smart Living
International Conference on Smart Living
2022-04, April, Hong Kong aims to provide a platform for engineers, researchers, scholars, and industrial professionals to carry out extensive...
Smart Cities India EXPO
7th Smart cities India EXPO
2022, March, New Delhi Experience Transformative Technologies - Smart Cities India expo has been actively driving India’s infrastructure revo..
Sustainable Infrastructure
Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment
As part of SIBE 2022, we will organize a Student Competition to envision the future of a city of your
Indonesia International Smart City Expo 2020
Indonesia International Smart City Expo
26-28 August 2020, Surabaya, Indonesia With the 98 cities and 416 regencies which now developing into smart cities, Indonesia will

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Resolve everything the occupy your mind
Get rid of everything you remember every day.Do not surround yourself with a collection of not resolved things. Resolve all things that...
Auto-self-resolution of problems by your brain
When you got stacked by the impossibility of solving some problem or task try to use the solution that I am calling "auto-resolution".
About core nature, environment and education
When I talk about the core nature in us - I speak about consciousness. When I talk about the transformation of the environment - I speak...

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