International Conference on Smart Living
2022-04, April, Hong Kong aims to provide a platform for engineers, researchers, scholars, and industrial professionals to carry out extensive...
7th Smart Cities India EXPO, New Delhi, March, 2022 sq
7th Smart Cities India EXPO
2022, March, New Delhi Experience Transformative Technologies - Smart Cities India expo has been actively driving India’s infrastructure revo..
Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment, SIBE2022, March sq
Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment
As part of SIBE 2022, we will organize a Student Competition to envision the future of a city of your
indonesia international smart city expo 2020 surabaya event
Indonesia International Smart City Expo
26-28 August 2020, Surabaya, Indonesia With the 98 cities and 416 regencies which now developing into smart cities, Indonesia will

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