NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Can You Become the Next Elon Musk by Emulating His Behavior?
societal influences
Defining Personal Values: What kind of man am I?
How do I distinguish between what is important to me and what is imposed by society?
rise of loneliness
The Paradox of Connectivity: More People, Less Humanity
The rapid advancement of technology and the digital age have brought people closer together in terms of communication and accessibility,
neural networks
Application of Neural Networks in Medical Diagnoses
The application of neural networks and machine learning in medical diagnoses stands as one of the most innovative and promising
quantum technology
New Era of Innovation
Quantum technologies are based on the laws of quantum mechanics, which describe the behavior of particles at the microscopic level.
Space Flights
Commercial Space Flights and Tourism
Commercial Space Flights and Tourism: Expanding Horizons Beyond Earth. According to Space Angels' forecasts, investments in the space industry exceeded
Discussion between Carl Jung and Albert Hofmann
Carl Jung and Albert Hofmann, focusing on their respective work on the unconscious, consciousness, and the potential role of psychoactive
Discussion between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frédéric Chopin
musical ideas and influences associated with Mozart and Chopin, focusing on their contributions to classical and romantic music.
Discussion between Voltaire and George Orwell
Voltaire and George Orwell, focusing on their shared beliefs in the importance of freedom of speech, their critiques of authority,
Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre
Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre discussion
Camus and Sartre, focusing on their perspectives on existentialism, the meaning of life, and the role of freedom and responsibility.
andy warhol
Discussion between Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol
Exploration of the artistic styles and philosophies associated with Picasso and Warhol, focusing on their distinct approaches to art and
Charles Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould discussion
Charles Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould discussion
This is an imagined conversation it serves as an exploration of the scientific ideas and influences associated with Darwin and
alexander graham bell
Discussion between Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Stephenson
Discussion between Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Stephenson. Remember that this is an imagined conversation
albert einstein
Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein a discussion of creativity and the relationship between art and science.
Discussion between Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein on the topics of creativity, science, research, and the relationship between art
immanuel kant
Aristotle and Kant discussion of ethics and philosophy.
Aristotle: Good day, Mr. Kant. I've long admired your contributions to philosophy. Let us engage in a discussion on ethics,
karl marx
Socrates and Karl Marx to discuss philosophy, social justice, and the role of man in society.
In this hypothetical discussion, Socrates and Karl Marx engage in a thought-provoking dialogue about philosophy, social justice, and the role
Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre discuss existence and the role of the individual in society
Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre on the topics of existence, freedom, ethics, and the role of the individual in society.
Leonardo de Caprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg discuss environmental issues
In this imagined conversation, Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg discuss environmental issues, the role of society in preserving nature, and
Shakespeare and Pablo Picasso a discussion of art, its influence on human psychology
William Shakespeare and Pablo Picasso on the topics of art, its influence on human psychology, and the role of artists
Socrates and Confucius: discuss their teachings on morality, ethics, and education.
An imaginative conversation to explore the ideas and philosophy associated with Socrates and Confucius, focusing on their common interests in
hypothetical discussions
Gandhi and Mandela discussion of the struggle for rights and freedom
In this hypothetical discussion, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela reflect on their shared commitment to the struggle for rights and
what is the purpose of life
Discussion between Einstein and Tesla about Purpose of Life
Today, we have the esteemed pleasure of hosting a conversation between two of the greatest minds in history, Albert Einstein
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about God
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about God Einstein: Nikola, there is one question: the existence of God. What
albert einstein
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about Akasha
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about Akasha: Einstein: Nikola, I've heard that you have some interesting thoughts on
innovative technology solutions
Crowd-Sense by Visual Solutions
Visual Solutions UK Ltd Introduces Crowd-Sense, a ground breaking Crowd Measurement Service for Real-Time Analytics, uniquely suited for today’s Smart
learning outcomes
Revolutionizing Education: The Role of AI
Discover how AI is transforming education and improving learning outcomes through innovative presentation methods and personalized feedback.
Why You Can’t Humanize Robots?
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Why You Can't Humanize Robots. What are the risks behind the anthropomorphization of robots?
Geroscience: The Intersection of Aging and Disease
geroscience matters because it has the potential to improve our understanding of aging, help us delay or prevent age-related diseases,
energy sources
So, what is the most efficient energy source?
It's worth noting that the efficiency of an energy source is only one factor to consider when evaluating its sustainability
circadia health
Circadian health why is it important to know?
By prioritizing circadian health, individuals can improve their sleep quality, cognitive function, and physical health
well being
Expanding the Well-being Approach as a 2030 Trend
Governments and businesses are starting to incorporate well-being into their decision-making processes, recognizing that economic growth is not the only
alternative sources of energy
Exploring Alternative Energy Sources: A Comprehensive Guide
There are a number of promising alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass, each with their own
Designing for a Sustainable Future: Symbiotic Architecture
Join us on a journey to discover the exciting world of symbiotic architecture! Our blog explores the innovative ways in
convergent evolution
Unraveling the Mysteries of Existence: Evolution vs. Involution
Unraveling the Mysteries of Existence: Evolution vs. Involution Explained...convergent evolution
waste management
How will change waste management in cities in the future?
Overall, the future of waste management in cities will be shaped by a range of factors, including circular economy principles
roads that charge electric cars
Building roads that will charge cars
According to experts, the unique road surface will allow you to stop worrying about ... track section with integrated wireless
urban environment
What technology is used by the safest cities in the world?
Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka are in the top 3 of the world's 2021 security rankings. And the credit for this goes
How drones will change the construction of the future
Drones can take photos of buildings, which are then used to create centimeter-accurate 3D models of buildings. They can also
AI – a new era in transport and logistics transformation
AI is a new era in the transformation of transportation and logistics ... improving data-driven logistics; creating safe and regulated
Future of Cities
Revolutionizing Municipal Services: Exploring the Future of Cities
Technology, including sensors, AI, and smart city initiatives, will play a critical role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of
can i afford a house
Unlocking the Key to Affordable Housing
Can i afford a house is a critical issue facing communities worldwide, and our blog offers a comprehensive guide to
holistic thinking
Nature’s Diversity: Understanding Spectrums Over Binaries
Deep into the concept of spectrums versus binaries, and how nature operates within these principles. Discover how embracing a spectrum-based
chatgpt 4
OpenAI introduced GPT-4, it understands images
In February 2023, Swiss holding UBS reported that the audience of active ChatGPT by OpenAI users reached 100 million people
what is frequency
Mastering the Mind: Difference Between Thinking and Thoughts
What is the difference between thought and thinking? Our blog offers expert insights into the intricacies of these concepts, including
global warming
Global warming vs climate change
Global warming vs climate change. Global warming and climate change are related concepts, but they have different meanings.
The Power of Collective Consciousness- Exploring the Global Consciousness Project
The Power of Collective Consciousness: Exploring the Global Consciousness Project
Discover the fascinating world of the Global Consciousness Project and how it uses scientific research to explore the interconnectedness of
energy source
Top innovative renewable energy companies and startups
Discover the latest and most innovative companies and startups working in the renewable energy sector. From transforming waste into energy,
green logistics
Green logistics is the way of the future
In general, green logistics are any initiatives in the supply and storage of goods aimed at sustainable development.
relationship between government and people
What is the proper relationship between government and people?
Explore the complex relationship between government and its citizens in our latest blog. From democracy to authoritarianism, we delve into
Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Personality Traits
Why There Is No “Best” Personality Type: Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Personality Traits
Are you curious about which personality type is the "best"? Our latest blog explores the strengths and weaknesses of different
Unlocking the Power of the Mind
Unlocking the Power of the Mind: A Guide to Teaching Consciousness Techniques for Improved Well-being
Discover the transformative power of consciousness techniques in our latest blog. Whether you're a teacher or student, our guide offers
What is the Purpose of Our Existence
Exploring Life’s Ultimate Question: What is the Purpose of Our Existence?
Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we explore the age-old question, "What is the purpose of life?" Our latest
toyota mirai
Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, is it?
Between 2033 and 2035, the production of new cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) in the European Union will cease...hydrogen
what is carbon neutral
Trend 2030 – What does mean carbon neutral?
In 2020, the head of Google said that the company has been carbon-neutral for 13 years. The trend toward carbon
wave energy
How wave energy will provide 10% of the world’s energy?
By 2050, 337 GW of energy can be extracted from ocean waves, or 10% of the world's electricity needs. This
genetic engineering
What is the medicine of the future?
Already in the near future it will become a common medical practice. The surgeries of the future and the new
genetic engineering examples
Genetically engineered drug design pros and cons
For example, genetic engineering has made it possible to create new diagnostic drugs, vaccines, and drugs for substitution therapy, and
stem cell reprogramming
Human cell reprogramming, eternal life possible?
A true race has begun: who will be the first to reprogram human skin cells into human neurons. The researchers
underground home
Underground houses and why are they the future?
There are about 6,000 underground or earthen homes in the United States today. Many of these homes are equipped with
biophilic cities examples
What is a biophilic city?
What is a "biophilic city"? The author of the "biophilic city" concept is American urbanist Tim Beatley. In 2010, he
biophilic design
Why biophilic trend in home design?
Even if you've never heard of biophilic design, you already love it. After all, biophilia is a love of nature
renewable energy
5 challenges of renewable energy development in the islands
Despite the disadvantages of such energy sources (toxic production and disposal of solar panels, noise problems with wind turbines,
renewable energy sources
The impact of renewable energy technologies on…
The evolution of renewable energy has exceeded all expectations. The global demand for energy from renewable sources is steadily growing
smart home
How Smart homes will be integrated into Smart Cities?
"How Smart Homes and Smart Cities Will Change Lives ... It will be possible to control them with a device
big data
How are neurotechnology and big data revolutionizing health care?
It is a cross-cutting technology that permeates every aspect of our lives. Already today, even if we don't notice it,
Blockchain in Medicine
The Necessity of Implementing Blockchain in Medicine
The introduction of modern blockchain systems will give healthcare organizations a strong economic advantage, security and absolutely ...
brain machine interface
Neuralink: The Future of Human Evolution
The chips will also help paralyzed people use their brains to operate computers and smartphones. Neuralink chips have so far
How will AI help with human education in the future?
AI is expected to soon learn how to fully check written work and exam assignments using established metrics and ...
Are Rockefellers really managing world?
The wealth of the Rockefeller clan is legendary. No one knows for sure the total size of the family's fortune,
Hyperloop technology VS obsolete subway
Even those who are not interested in news from the world of high technology, probably more than once saw stories
Expansion of devices and networks for the Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT devices are a combination of information technology (IT) and operating ... The Internet of Things consists of loosely coupled
CRISPR – perfect DNA alteration technology
CRISPR/Cas9 technology, which allows modification of the genome of higher organisms (including humans), has become in recent years one of
digital twin technology
Digital twin: what it is, examples, applications
A digital twin is a digital (virtual) model of any object, system, process or person. It accurately reproduces the form
Visible Light Communication
In 2031 Intel transmits data with visible light
One of the most promising breakthroughs in 6G telecommunications is considered to be Visible Light Communication (VLC).
RFID: The Future Today
Nevertheless, experts predict a great future for RFID in retail, stating that ... At the same time during this period
climate change
How to reverse climate change cheaply and quickly?
What if we could remove enough CO₂ from the atmosphere to stop, or maybe even reverse, the change
chip war
Chip-war between US and CN
The "chip war" between the U.S. and China has spilled over into Europe. The technological war between the U.S. and
Demographic changes
What is the future of human development?
Futurologists have a difficult task to embrace almost immense, because in the future all spheres of human life will look
fusion reactors
Why won’t government abolish water and utility bills?
The government may have other priorities in using fusion energy, and there may be other ways to solve the problem
Smart City Platform
6 future technologies that will change Kansas
Kansas is also a state that is exploring and implementing innovative technology and smart city initiatives. Some examples of interesting
vertical farm
Vertical farming promises a future is it true?
Vertical farms are a unique invention that has been a breakthrough in farming. On vertical farms, crops are grown in
future food
Revolutionizing the Food Industry: Exploring the Future of Alternative Food Sources for Sustainable Nutrition
These alternative foods may help to address issues such as food insecurity and sustainability, but it will depend on technological
smart energy
Smart City Kansas
These are just a few examples, but there are many other innovative technologies and initiatives being implemented in Kansas as
urban infrastructure
How to renew infrastructure and society after damage by war?
The most critical parts of infrastructure to renew after a war depend on the specific context of the conflict and
qualities of polite person
Top-8 qualities of politics to lead system of the future
The qualities of politics of the future could depend on the specific context and needs of a given society. However,
how to reduce carbon footprint
Human composting reduce the carbon footprint
When Rachel Gerbending, a former avid gardener, found out that dead people could be composted
what is 5g technology
1 to 5 billion 5G has taken over the world
In six years, 5G signal coverage will reach 85 percent, with 5G technology accounting for about 70 percent of all
How to use ChatGPT
ChatGPT is a chatbot based on a neural network developed by OpenAI engineers. How to use ChatGPT, a neural network
smart city budapest
Smart Budapest
the smart city vision of Budapest”, a roadmap to help Budapest become a smart city. It is not simply a
Electric cars of the future
Technological progress is advancing at a rapid pace. We asked the software what the electric cars of the future might
Innovation design tram prototype 1
AI shows trams of the future
Technological progress is advancing at a rapid pace. We can now look into the future by literally writing an AI
Innovation design bus prototype 6
Buses of the future
Midjourney has shown what the city buses of the future would look like. AI can assist in prototyping buses of
nuclear fusion
Nuclear fusion described as the ‘Holy Grail’ of carbon-free energy
For the first time, US scientists have been able to perform nuclear fusion, where more energy is released than was
Life and Death
What do we see before we die?
"We focused on measuring 900 seconds of brain activity at death and studying what happened 30 seconds before and after
Oculus Virtual Reality
Metaverse – is it a trick or the future?
The virtual and augmented reality market will reach $37 billion worldwide in 2022. It is expected to reach $114.5 billion
Ageless aging how to avoid it
There are various stories about famous billionaire investors in longevity startups, such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Michael
future of education
Role of AI in Future Education
AI in the education of the future. Will help you find ways to keep students' attention while learning and...
reducing CO2 emissions
AI solutions for green technology to reduce CO2 emissions
These solutions will reduce CO2 emissions in the six participating cities and regions
2 billion – IBM Quantum for everyone
To date, more than 325,000 users have registered on the IBM Quantum platform. Thousands of developers run two billion quantum
solar panels Amsterdam
Amsterdam city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040
The city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040, of fossil fuels by 2050, and in 2030
platio solar pannels for pedestrian
How parks in Barcelona produce electricity
he city allocated 30,000 euros for the installation of the environmentally friendly sidewalk, while the remaining costs were borne by
reduce carbon footprint
10+1 Energy saving tips at home
The production of kWh of electricity in coal and gas-fired power stations uses between 300 and 1,000 grams of carbon
Tesla - Instinct is something which transcend knowledge
Instinct is something which transcend knowledge
We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other wilful effort
DavInci - Emotions between Fear and Desire
Emotions between fear and desire
Having wandered some distance among gloomy rocks, I came to the entrance of a great cavern. Two contrary emotions: Fear
Einstein - Fairy tales make you more intelligent
Fairy tales make you more intelligent
If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent,
hydrogen double decker buses
First hydrogen DD buses in London
The London government is commissioning England's first hydrogen fuel cell double-decker buses
Gopro selfies during a gladiator battle
Midjourney selfies gladiators in battle
Why have designers and artists in the world now when Midjourney exists?
quantum key distribution
Top 6 global quantum computing development companies
We explore the 5 most influential companies in the world of quantum computing that are changing our world.
SP Group
Expanding energy efficiency standards
The National University of Singapore is testing digital energy solutions from SP Group, a leading Asia-Pacific’s leading energy supplier, to
airport carbon accreditation
Istanbul upgrades airport to decrease CO2 emissions
Tier 1 accreditation refers to the greenhouse gas data capture phase.
Melbourne hydrogen refuelling point
Only two hydrogen-powered cars are currently available locally: the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo are due to appear on local
view smart windows
350.000 sq. foot of smart windows in Chicago airport
“Airports are adopting View Smart Windows at an accelerating pace as they seek to elevate the passenger experience and also
Startup IMPACT-E
The startup IMPACT-E is the winner of the DataCityLab program. It offers a solution to the problem of energy poverty
Finnish flag
in recent years, thanks to unprecedented growth and decision-makers working together. Finland’s capital is well on its way to becoming
The Empire State Building wind power
Empire State Realty Trust purchases wind power from Green Mountain Energy and Direct Energy.
5G technologies
5G Commercial Infrastructure
South Korea has officially launched its commercial 5G network infrastructure. The first 5G subscriber was Lota, a robot equipped with
Remotely piloted ferry in Helsinki
First test of autonomous transportation using an existing passenger Suomenlinna ferry.
boat rental service
Boat P2P cab in Helsinki
Bout is a commercial P2P platform for organizing boat transportation on demand. Its development is supported by the Helsinki's smart
roboat amsterdam
Water transport of the future in Amsterdam
Roboat Amsterdam is a 5-year study that explores and tests the use of autonomous transportation systems on water.
Our future is in the power of the elders
A principle of governance in which all power (officially or in fact) is in the hands of elders.
electric vehicles
Electric cars of the future in Amsterdam
86.5% of all-electric cars charge faster. The faster off-peak charging rate compensates for slower charging during peak hours. Flexpower
Global democracy
Global democracy will be based on one world state operating on liberal and democratic principles.
transport emissions
Mobility Urban Values (MUV)
For some kind of reward, users are invited to swap private transportation for public transportation, walking or cycling.
Street massive Internet of Things (IoT) network
CityIQ plans to install 4,200 sensors manufactured by Current by GE throughout San Diego as part of a massive Internet
Bright Ageing Helsinki
Bright ageing lighting sensors data collection
Bright Ageing testing sensors built into the lighting system and collect data. The analysis helps intelligent lighting to better meet
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Energy-efficient flooring
Abu Dhabi airport walkway provides power through footsteps Goal Optimize energy costs Project Abu Dhabi International Airport has launched an
digital kiosks
Unmanned digital kiosks
A network of multifunctional street postal terminals Goal Improvement of the process of goods delivery and receipt Project Helsinki The
Tex Line
Smart T-shirts
Goal To monitor the physical condition of people Project Developed by local startup KaHa and textile company Tex Line, with
air pollution
Contaminated air filters in kindergartens
Air pollution filtration systems in nurseries Goal To reduce children’s exposure to toxic air pollution Project In some of London’s
emergency medical care
Express non-life-threatening care service
The new format of acute care clinics’ medical care Goal Results Accelerate patient care and alleviate the burden on public
pet registration
Mandatory pet registration with microchips
The animal registration with a built-in chip Goal Decrease in abandoned and lost pets Project New pet registration system which
UAE Pass
UAE pass to access government services
Identity verification app Goal Large-scale automation of the service delivery process and digitization of residents’ data UAE Pass Project UAE
smart electric vehicles
Smart electric car connection test area
The vehicle environment through the center’s electric vehicle test area Goal To improve the city’s transportation mobility Project The city,
Smart 911
Faster smart 911 with personal profiles
Launch of the Smart 911 service Goal To create a service to help in emergencies situations Project Smart 911 is
driving application
Online application for driving licenses
Online driving license application Goal To simplify the procedure of applying for a driver’s license Project The Singapore government has
government accountability
Increasing government accountability
A tool to monitor the implementation of initiatives under the strategy of London’s smart roadmap Goal Increasing government accountability, creating
Dubai police station
First police station without officers
Dubai to open the UAE’s first officer-free smart police station Goal To provide greater accessibility of services, free up police
banking transactions
Unified e-payment platform
A unified platform for banking transactions Goal Creation of a unified platform for processing banking transactions for cafes and food
Solar Power Plant
Solar power plant developments
Mayor announces solar energy developments Goal To support solar energy and the transition to renewable energy sources Project City leaders
Organic waste recycling
Organic waste recycling plant
Plant for the processing of organic waste into renewable natural gas Goal To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the overall
quantum computer
Our brain is a quantum computer
Scientists have suggested that consciousness in the brain works like a quantum computer. A team of scientists from Trinity College
Waste Management
Waste management app
Toronto waste management app Goal To help residents with proper segregation and disposal of waste Project Waste Wizard is a
energy fund
Energy efficiency fund
Mayor’s £500m energy fund to help cut carbon emissions Goal To combat air pollution, support energy-efficient solutions and renewable energy
how to make money in the metaverse
How to make money in the metaverse
What is a metaverse? It is a virtual space parallel to our real life, in which almost anything is possible.
energy rating
New energy efficiency rating
New energy rating to push more buildings to go green Goal Reduce energy consumption, improve the environment Project The Singapore
cybersecurity policies
Introduction of new cybersecurity standards
Additional measures for cybersecurity policies Goal Improving the cybersecurity policies of urban and public digital infrastructure Project The Singapore government
Child Check System
Sleeping Child Check System
“Sleeping Child Check System” in All the School Buses of Public Elementary Schools Goal To monitor the safety of schoolchildren
Xpeng X2
Xpeng X2 flying car presented in Dubai
The Xpeng X2 is the name of a new Chinese electric-powered vehicle ( flying car) that conducted its first pilot flight
firefighting equipment
Seoul supplies firefighting equipment
Supply of firefighting equipment for low-income citizens Goal Fire prevention, support disadvantaged people Project The Seoul government provides firefighting equipment
solar panels
Free distribution solar panels
Free distribution of mini solar panels for small-scale apartment security Goal To help low-income citizens Project In cooperation with solar
9 brands from metaverse
The creation of META on Facebook has started a worldwide trend, the meta universe is becoming more and more popular
clean energy sources
Barcelona Energia launch
Launching a clean energy operator Goal To create an operator that integrates clean energy sources to deliver electricity to the
climate changes Boston
The Climate Mayors Initiative
The Climate Mayors initiative Goal Mitigating the impact of cities on climate changes Project “Climate change is not a problem
San Diego Dron system
Drone System
San Diego is launching the city’s first unmanned aircraft drone system Goal Increase emergency response speed and safety of emergency
First dockless bikes
First dockless bikes launch Goal To test a new system Project The uniqueness of the system is that bikes can
Brooklyn Queens
The new Brooklyn Queens streetcar Goal To introduce green transportation into a growing residential area BQX Project Brooklyn Queens waterfront
Public transport app
Simplify the use of transportation services for citizens and independent movement around the city for people with disabilities HKeMobility
Dubai Department of Transport
Dubai Smart transport system
Smart system to reduce transport waiting times during large events Goal Reducing waiting times, increasing visitor satisfaction Project The Dubai
melbourne city water
AI urban water supply system
Melbourne city water introduces AI into the urban water supply system. Reduce budget losses due to unreasonable energy costs
Spaces as a Service
Use of unexploited spaces in the city
Allow residents to explore business models for using inadequate/unused buildings, developing structures, and providing space as a service
fiat money
Digital future of markets and money
Once upon a time, there were no cell phones, no Internet, no Google, no Amazon, no Facebook, no Twitter, no
Love Your Block
Love your Block
Love Your Block program to support residents in transforming public spaces and recruiting volunteers to make local changes
QR code parking system
QR code parking system
QR code parking system for shared bicycles. Implemented a parking system that uses a QR code to park rental bicycles
Mental Health
Mental Health First Aid
Oxiris Barbot announced that 75,000 New Yorkers have been trained in mental health first aid, part of the city's goal
innovative educational
Creating an innovative educational
The city's work to redesign historic buildings with an emphasis on new development areas to support the job-creating industries and
Young Londoners Fund
Young Londoners Fund
Earlier this year, Sadiq established the £45 million Young Londoners Fund to support community groups, charities
Civic Innovation Challenge London
Civic innovation challenge london
To support innovative solutions, relevant solutions to urban problems.  Project The Civic Innovation Challenge (CIC) launched in June
Smart Nations Scholarship
Smart Nations Scholarship Program
Pioneer Batch of Smart Nation Scholars Goals Student support, staff search Project The scholarship aims to attract talented students to
city skylines
Cities Skylines – best urban simulator
In many games, you are often asked to win. Usually by military means. In urban planning simulations, it’s different. Enjoy
City Cafe
Seoul City Cafe Vacancies
Goals To increase the number of employed young people Project The Seoul City Job Café, located in Jeonno, Sincheon and
public social housing
Seoul-type apartment remodeling project
Renovation programs in Seoul Goal Citizens to improve their housing conditions Project After a demonstration project (40 houses) conducted in
Sid Meier's Civilization
Sid Meier’s Civilization 5
History of the Sid Meier’s Civilization series (1991-2016) 1. Civilization – 1991 2. Sid Meier’s Colonization – 1994 3. Civilization
Reducing pollution
Consumption management new goals
Reducing the amount of household waste Goals Reducing consumption and pollution Project Based on data from the waste management system,
Smart cities visualised in expression by a full abstraction
Images generated by Mid journey Artificial Intelligence using keywords related to a “smart city poster in a total abstraction”.
vision of green cities efficient system and stress-less life
Vision of green cities, efficient system and stress-less life
Images generated by Mid journey AI directed by keywords “The vision of Smart Cities is to make cities’ environment green...
Factorio steam
Factory Building Simulator
The game of the year is Factorio steam: Factory Building Simulator, setting up an insane amount of supply chains, genocidal
Launching the ID card on a university campus – SmartPass Goals Facilitate the use of university services for students and
Punggol Digital District
Creating a digital district
Punggol Digital District Goals To support and foster innovation through close collaboration between business and academia, as well as professionals
Electric city buses
Electric city buses enabling “green” zones
Transition to electric buses Goals Reducing the impact of the environment Project The project involves the use of electric buses
ICT system
Pilot program of installing ICT system
Pilot project for metro modernization and installing ICT system Goals Improvement of environment and safety through the use of ICT
Air Pollution Alerts
Air Pollution Alerts
Air Quality Alert Goals Air Pollution Alerts – To provide actionable information about poor air quality Project In conjunction with
recycle city
Waste-to-energy plant
Creating a plant to recycle city waste into electricity. The project will free up land that is currently used for
renewable energy
Opening of Solar Centers
Seoul Solar Centers Goals Increasing the share of renewable energy in total energy use Project The centers provide installation and
Environmental Impact Assessmen
Buildings renovation based on a new standard
Environmental Impact Assessment Items and Standard for Construction and Maintenance business - GoalsI - mprove use of efficient technologies
Renewable Energy Project
Melbourne Renewable Energy Project Goals Increasing the share of renewable of the total energy mix, Reducing CO2 emissions Project The
solar energy
Popularization of solar panels
Solar Panels Together London Scheme Goals Increasing the share of green energy Project Under a new city initiative, owners of
Dubai autonomous vehicles
Dubai autonomous pods
The traffic authority has unveiled autonomous pod buses, which are designed to travel short to medium distances in dedicated lanes.
public transportation
System for unmanned public transportation
FABULOS (Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation System) - Development of an AI system capable of controlling of public transport
Seoul subway
Digitalized subway road map
Digitalized Seoul subway road map. Goals - Maintaining the relevance transportation industry. The map will be developed in collaboration with
Bold Strategy
Bold Strategy for London’s Transport
improve the transport situation in the city. by 2030 not a single person suffer in accidents involving city buses
Unmanned aircraft system
Unmanned aircraft system (UAS)
To increase the number of companies, testing drones, and encouraging commercial partnerships in the industry. (New drone testbed)
Land Transport Industry Transformation Map
Maintaining the relevance of the transport industry, including through using breakthrough modern technologies, as well as a human-centered transportation system
Barcelona Technology
Barcelona Technology training
Technology training for residents of different ages. Project for seniors (ages 65-74) on the use of digital tools.
IT Skills London
IT Skills for Londoners
The first phase will include a job fair and a series of events with leading IT companies (Google, Amazon, Bloomberg),
Tech Accelerator – Singapore
Expansion of the program to improve Tech Skills Accelerator Goals To increase opportunities for workers in the ICT and expand
Improving the standard of living of citizens
Kalasatama Wellbeing – Improving the standard of living of citizens Goals Finding new solutions that will improve residents’ lives, through
seoul startup
Seoul startup-friendly city
Startup support program – Innovative startup-friendly city Goals Development of a startup ecosystem and investment, job creation Project Among the
care homes
Remote diagnosis in nursing home
Remote diagnosis of residents in nursing home using 5G. Technology optimizes physician visits to nursing homes:
Bentley will switch to electric cars after 2030
Bentley will launch its first electric model in 2025, and in five years will switch to an all electric car
solar energy for home
Pavements will provide energy for homes
The pavement of the future is a new type of pavement made from recycled plastic. It was launched by the
quantum world
Has the quantum age come?
The Google team claims that a completely new type of computer – a quantum computer – has irrevocably surpassed classical
Engine 99% of light speed
Imagine an engine that doesn't need fuel. It sounds impossible, and it probably is.
5G technology
NYC as a Smart City Testbed
Goals Using the city as a huge testbed 5G technology and other smart city solutions  smart city. New York City
5G network
5G networks in a factory
Schneider Electric, operator Orange and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nokia announced the deployment of a 5G network at a factory
Blockchain Projects
50 Blockchain Projects Failed
There is no doubt that words and phrases such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, or blockchain projects have
Circulator Pump
Simulation-driven KSB Circulator Pump using CAESES
 Get Ahead of the Pump Curve: Simulation-driven KSB Circulator Pump Optimization using CAESES September 28, 2022  3:00 pm CEST /
Learned patterns of behavior that harm us in some way
Learned patterns of behavior that harm us in some way
Learned patterns of behavior are supposed to simplify our lives because they allow us not to learn the same thing
ophthalmic surgery
Organization of remote ophthalmic surgery
A medical team in Beijing performed remote ophthalmic surgery on three patients using 5G technology in March 2021. They were
Smart City Challenge
Goals Involving residents in Toronto’s development Project The Government of Canada is launching a national competition for municipalities to work
electric vehicle
Climate Action Challenge
Finding innovative charging solutions for an electric vehicle. Goals Test and implement breakthrough electric vehicle charging technologies Project The New
Online platform for Smart projects
Circle lab – Online platform for joint implementation of Smart projects Goals To promote the circular economy model and the
Intelligent learning environment
Intelligent learning environment of the future
6Aika Smart Learning Environments of the Future aims to increase business opportunities for companies developing services, products, and technologies related
Tech Leadership
Technology Leadership Advisory Council
Goals To help find solutions to the city’s most pressing problems. Facilitate communication between startups Project The NYCx program created
Local farms will be a big trend
Local farms will be a big trend in a few years, says GreenTech CEO They grow vegetables inside. Dmitry Lipovsky,
Agile Transformation
Office of Agile Transformation
The purpose of this tender is to create an Office of Agile Transformation to guide and promote the agile transformation
Green Roofs
Green Roofs
Sustainability of the city to floods and droughts
warm building
Warm building
Warm building Purpose To test the technology for economic and technical feasibility for implementation throughout the city. About the Project
Smart sensors
Smart sensors for roads
Better quality roads, more accurate information about congestion and road conditions
sound sensors
Sound Sensor Network
Sensor Team has developed a new automated platform and sound sensor to measure noise.
virtual power plant
Virtual power plant
The solution will use the stable EWDai coin on the Ethereum network.
smart project
Implementation of smart projects
Possibility to participate in the development of projects
trancking delivery
Tracking the legitimacy of products delivery
Tracking the legitimacy of products delivery Description: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia has partnered with BCG Ventures to launch OpenSC’s
precipitation map
Precipitation maps using machine learning
Machine learning improves rainfall mapping, water plans
clean city
My Clean City
Keeping the city cleaner
smart lightninig
Smart lighting
Improved quality of life
emotional monitoring
Monitoring customers emotions
A three-fold increase in efficiency when dealing with customer opinions.
Football League
Football League video via 5G and AR
The technology reduces the risk of coronavirus spread at sporting events by enhancing the ability to view the event remotely.
Wireless digital content for cinemas
Wireless digital content delivery for theaters and distributors Description: Telecommunications company Telstra and distribution technology company Silver Trak Digital have
seoul national university
Autonomous shuttle bus 5G
The use of technology can reduce vehicle waiting times, and improve safety on the roads, including eliminating blind spots.
recycle bin
Monitoring the occupancy of recycling bins
Telefonica Tech a recycling bins project in San Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona
Rockefellers the world belong to us
Rockefellers: the world belongs to us
John D. Omnipotent - Financing Lenin or Hitler? No problem!
Mahabharata. The epic, or part of history?
The Mahabharata is an ancient Indian epic where the main story revolves around two branches of a family...
the mirror line in neom saudi arabia
The Mirror Line in Neom Saudi Arabia
The Saudi prince approved the construction of a giant "lying skyscraper", which is to become the largest building in history.
world largest vertical farms in dubai
World’s largest vertical farms in Dubai.
Emirates unveils the world's largest vertical farm in Dubai. It is built in partnership with Crop One Holdings
quantum computing
Matter has two time properties
The new research could be a breakthrough in quantum computing. Physicists have discovered a new state of matter that is
Produces lithium-ion batteries and energy management allowing CO2 emission and energy consumption reduction. Improving labor productivity.
Paradox Engineering smart parking monitoring system
Paradox Engineering
Paradox Engineering is a technology company that designs and markets Internet of Things solutions for open cities and other smart
Contract analysis
Contract analysis
Contract analysis - Examination of the contract proposed by the supplier in terms of the accuracy of the requirements for
Compact City
Compact City
Compact city – An urban planning and urban design concept, which promotes relatively high residential density with mixed land uses.
Carbon tax
Carbon tax
Carbon tax – A tax on fossil fuels, especially those used by motor vehicles, intended to reduce the emission of
Intangible assets
Intangible assets
Intangible assets - the organization's assets that do not have a tangible (physical) form, but are endowed with "intangible value"
Social activity
Social activity
Social activity is a personality’s readiness for activity, which manifests itself inappropriate acts of behavior and represents a purposeful, creative
Cloud computing
Cloud computing
Cloud computing is a technology that provides access to computer resources over the Internet. There is no need to buy,
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hypothetical AI that will not only be able to reproduce the maximum abilities of humans
Organizational adaptation
Organizational adaptation
Organizational adaptation- to changes in the external environment and uncontrollable changes in the internal environment, which occurs through the mechanisms
application programs
Apps (application programs) – Different programs are used to work with different types of information. The totality of software that
Aquaponics is a combined method of growing fish and plants together in a recirculating ecosystem using natural bacterial cycles to
energy alternative
Alternative energy
What is alternative energy? Energy resources are divided into non-renewable and renewable according to their ability to be obtained quickly
Ecotourism is nature-based tourism that includes environmental education and awareness programs and is conducted by the principles of environmental sustainability.
Features of an eco-city. A sustainable, stable, or ecological city is built to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
Autonomous vehicle
Autonomous vehicle
Autonomous cars are becoming a reality. There is less and less time left before we will be surrounded by a
Autarky – a system of closed reproduction of an isolated community of a certain type, with minimal connection and dependence
Community Supported Agriculture
Community supported agriculture
Community-supported agriculture – a system in which a farm operation is supported by shareholders within the community who share both
Biodiversity characterizes the entire diversity of life forms on our planet. This is why it is also known as biodiversity
Market economy
Market economy
Market economy- a set of economic relations that develop in the sphere of commodity-money relations on the market. The market
Intellectual economy
Intellectual economy
intellectual economy, based on scientific knowledge and specialized unique capabilities and skills of their carriers as the main source and key
informar nl ar solution
InformAR's solution for 360-degree location scans helps cities to optimize their traffic load and generally forces less traffic in the
Target tree
Target tree
The target tree is a technique for setting goals and its decomposition into tasks that are divided into even simpler
Business grants
Small business grants are gratuitous monetary aid provided by state and international organizations What are small business grants? The state
What is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity works on the same principle as offline security, that is, it aims to protect users and
Advanced Encryption Standard
Advanced encryption standard (AES)
What is Advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption? AES is a state-of-the-art data encryption standard. It is unparalleled in the level
Hybrid car
Hybrid car
A hybrid car is a vehicle that is powered simultaneously by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. In
Electric car
Electric car
What is an electric vehicle? There are probably fewer and fewer people in today’s world who have never heard of
Goodwill – The excess of a corporation’s expected profitability over average, the resulting difference being the excess of the corporation’s
Chirps IoT
Chirps – Lighter, purpose-built protocols that allow “things” in the IoT to communicate and exchange information. They are designed for
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) - is an open application layer protocol for message-oriented middleware with a focus on queuing,
Venture internal
Venture internal – A subdivision of a firm that is created as an alternative to forming an independent (separate) innovation
Biotechnology – a set of technologies that use the methods characteristic of living nature to transform matter and obtain a
Garden city
Garden city
Garden city – Intended to be a planned, self-contained community surrounded by “greenbelts”, containing proportionate areas of residences, industry, and
Edge Layer
Edge Layer
Edge Layer An architectural shift in IoT that breaks the norm of the traditional client-server model. The edge layer is
business angels
Business Angel
Business Angel – Individuals investing in new businesses, including venture capital firms. These are professionals with experience in business: successful
Solar power
Solar power
Solar power is one of the largest alternative energy and renewable energy sources (RES) segments. Today, it is customary to
Constrained Application Protocol
Constrained application protocol (CoAP)
One of the widely used protocols for interaction between IoT devices (Internet of Things) or IoT devices and the external
business plan
Business plan
A business plan – is a document containing structured technical, economic, financial, and organizational information on an investment or innovation
Geofencing is a simple but very useful localization solution. This option creates certain zones, the crossing of which can be
Dynamic pricing
Dynamic pricing
Dynamic pricing also referred to as demand-based pricing, is a pricing strategy in which flexible prices for products or services
Outsourcing the transfer of traditional non-key functions of the organization (such as accounting or advertising for an industrial company) to
Depreciation – the process of gradual transfer of the value of fixed assets as their physical and moral wear and
Low Impact Development
low impact development
Low Impact Development (LID) has been defined as “development that, through its adverse environmental impacts, either enhances or does not
iBeacon technology is a promising development from Apple, designed to transmit a Bluetooth signal to devices within the range of
Green camouflage, sometimes greenwashing, is a form of environmental marketing that makes extensive use of “green” PR and techniques that
health environmental
Environmental health
Environmental health is the study of how environmental factors can harm human health and how to identify, prevent, and control
Application Agents
Application agents
Application agents help address the lack of overhead for an end-to-end, peer-to-peer network in an IoT architecture. They help manage
Green building
Green building
Green building – an environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed, and operated to minimize the total environmental impacts. The ideology of
Connected devices
Connected devices
A connected device (or smart device) is an electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks, that can operate
Tesla - Transform inclination into passionate desire
Tesla – Transform inclination
When natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, one advances towards his goal in seven-league boots.
Einstein - We are getting penalty on all things we like by mind
We are getting penalty on all things we like by mind
The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we
DaVinci - There are three classes of people
DaVinci – There are three classes of people
- Those who see. - Those who see when they are shown. - Those who do not see.
Tesla - The universe knows our development timing
Tesla – The universe knows
My project was retarded by the laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far
Einstein - The relationship between you, and the universe
The relationship between you, and the universe
The most important decision we make is whether we believe that we live in a friendly or hostile universe.
DaVinci - The time is your
Da Vinci – The time is your
The time is your. Time stays long enough for those who use it.
Tesla - Feel free to ignore envy and jealous people
Tesla – Quote
I am unwilling to accord to small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These people are
Einstein - I am curious
Einstein – I am curious
Curiosity is more important than knowledge.
DaVinci - The learning quest of life for everyone of us
Leonardo da Vinci quote
The learning quest of life for every one of us. I thought I was learning to live, but I was
Global climate change adaptation
Global climate change adaptation
Global climate change adaptation – actions are taken to help communities and ecosystems cope with changing climate conditions. (UNFCCC) Climate
Green building materials
Green building materials
Green building materials – Composed of renewable and/or recycled materials, rather than nonrenewable resources. What kinds of green building materials
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Leadership in Energy LEED
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED – is an ecology-oriented building certification program run under the auspices of the
Long Range Communication Protocols
Long range communication protocols
Long-Distance Communication Protocols: used to designate universal radio frequencies for long distances for multi-generation wireless standards such as 2G, 3G,
OSINT (open-source intelligence)
OSINT (open-source intelligence) is an intellectual discipline and a set of activities, tools, and methods for obtaining and analyzing information
UNB network
UNB network
UNB network is a type of LPWAN pioneered by Telensa to connect smart city sensors and controls at low cost
Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
Real-time operating system RTOS: designed to guarantee the completion of a task within a certain time constraint. Often used in
Enterprise IoT (EIoT) refers to all devices that are used in enterprise and business environments, where they are typically part
perpetuum mobile
“It can’t be, because it can’t be”: Russia issued a patent for a perpetual motion machine
A perpetual motion machine is an imaginary device that runs indefinitely and the amount of energy it outputs is greater
Quickly – done, proceeding, or occurring with promptness or rapidity.
Messaging Protocols
Messaging protocols
Message protocols: a way of transferring and communicating information between devices, the cloud, and the data store. Different protocols are
Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Fleet Management: In IoT terms, fleet management deals with concepts such as automatic vehicle tracking. What is fleet management? Fleet
Geo-tagging – this is the addition of geographic metadata to devices, which helps identify them on the network. Is a
Leaders Bobby Gill chief architect 600
Blue Label Labs
Smart cities have the potential to radically change the world, or at least that’s what the pamphlets say.
Global Marketing
Global marketing
Global Marketing – marketing of global organizations that operate by treating the entire world as one big market. It assumes
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio Frequency Identification: a technology that involves electromagnetic coupling and radio frequency to identify objects and people. It consists of
mileage problem
last mileage problem
last mileage problem a problem faced by transit agencies, how to get commuters to public transit without the use of
Urbanization refers to the population shift from rural to urban areas, the gradual increase in the proportion of people living
Smart grid
Smart grid
Smart grid – electricity network that uses ICT to integrate the actions of all users connected to it – generators,
Sustainability – the maintenance and betterment of the ecological, social, and economic health of a city. “Sustainability” is a completely
Device Control
Device-Agnostic Control
Device Control – the part of the Edge layer that provides a web abstraction so that a server or cloud
NB-IoT network for data transmission. Like LoRa or SigFox, it focuses on maximizing the efficiency of data transmission. The batteries
Management information system MIS
Management information system MIS – Information processing system that supports the decision-making of a community city or organization. MIS is
Monitoring (social)
Monitoring – the act of periodically checking processes, equipment, and environment to detect any changes *NOTE: Checking can include process
Multi-modal transport
Multi-modal transport
Multi-modal transport – simply a system that facilitates various transport options, such as cycling, bus, light rail, train, ferry, or
Yupcap – stands for Young Urban Professionals Who Can’t Afford Property. Yupcaps are usually in their 20s and early 30s.
Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interface (API)
Application Programming Interface (API): the API can be used to connect different objects, data, and applications in the IoT. For
Joke – a short, humorous story with a word or phrase that ends it and causes laughter. Research into the
NMS – Network Management System
A network management system (NMS) is a set of hardware and software components used by an operator to manage the
IIoT – from the English Industrial IoT. Loosely translated the Internet of Things is for industrial use. From the deployment
Is Neuralink an innovation How brain implant works
Is Neuralink an innovation? How brain implant work?
Elon Musk revealed the second version of the Neuralink and a link chip sized as a coin was successfully implanted
Edge Gate
Edge Gateway
Edge Gateway is the connecting factor between analytical devices and cloud data processing and analysis. A virtual router that connects
Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Bluetooth Low Energy – also known as Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Smart, or Wibree. It is a variant of the traditional
Sadhguru's 30.000 km Save Soil Movement well
Sadhguru’s 30.000 km Save Soil Movement
Save Soil is a global movement launched by Sadhguru to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around
smart connections
Smart connections
Smart connections – a vital component of a smart city, incorporating transportation, online access, technology, and community. With Smart Connect
Industrial Internet
Industrial Internet: integration of machine learning, big data technology, sensor data and overall automation of machine-to-machine communication. This is done
Transactional emailing
Transactional emailing
Transactional emailing is an automated message that is sent based on the actions of app users or site visitors. Order
Keenness has a great ability to see clearly and understand. Very sensitive, responsive, or alert.
Joy the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying
Xenocurrency – a currency that trades in foreign markets. For example, Euros trade in American markets, making the Euro a
Keeper – a person who owns or operates a business (usually used in combination): A person who assumes responsibility for
expert evaluations method
Expert review
Expert review – method and decision based on the personal opinion of the expert. The expert evaluation method is part
Information collection methods
Data collection methods
Information collection methods Despite the huge variety of research methods and techniques, the general scheme of activities implemented in the
JETRO Japan External Trade Organization
The Japan External Trade Development Organization JETRO is an organization established by the Japanese government to promote mutual trade and
Solar city
Solar city
Solar city – a city actively using solar energy to reduce or replace fossil fuels. An American energy company based
living building
living building
living building – a concept that uses nature as the ultimate measuring stick for a building’s performance.
Low-Power Devices
Low-Power Devices
Low-Power Devices: electronics that have been designed to consume less energy than traditional devices. This is essential to the future
Logo – a specially designed original lettering of the full or abbreviated name of a company or a group of
Predictive analysis
Predictive analysis
Predictive analysis – statistical techniques such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining to analyze data and make predictions.
High albedo
High albedo pavement
High albedo concrete is a special type of pavement that reflects more light than dark-colored materials due to its lighter
CPA Marketing
CPA Marketing
CPA Marketing – a marketing model that involves paying for a conversion action. CPA (Cost per Action) – an indicator
Greenscape – an area of vegetation in an urban area set aside for aesthetic or recreational purposes. “The function of
Demarketing – a type of marketing aimed at reducing demand among the entire target audience or certain groups of it.
Conversion marketing
Conversion marketing
Conversion marketing is a type of marketing activity. Which is associated with increasing consumer interest in goods and services with
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is a technique of conducting an advertising campaign in which the main disseminators of information about the company/service
low-carbon city
low carbon city
A low-carbon city reduces its carbon footprint by focusing on renewable energy and mitigation measures. The “green” aspects of comprehensive
Haze computing
Haze Computing – A dynamic model for analytics applications in which the application from the data source analyzes a pooled
Embedded devices
Embedded Device/Systems
Embedded devices/systems: a computer with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system. They are usually embedded as
Social media marketing
Social media marketing
Social media marketing – It is a modern tool of Internet marketing, which helps to attract consumers through social networks.
Endpoint Device
Endpoint device
Endpoint Device – An Internet-enabled endpoint device on a TCP/IP network.
Actuator – a mechanism that performs a physical task based on input from a connected system.
smart competition smart city influencer
SMART Competition ORG
The Competition promotes sustainable design, the use of renewable technology, improving energy efficiency, and the smart grid
Video Marketing
Video Marketing
Video Marketing is a set of actions aimed at promoting products, services, or brands of the company with the help
Home automation
Home automation
Home automation: a combination of hardware and software solutions that enable the control and management of electronics, appliances, and devices
Gateway: any point where information passes through devices on an IoT network. So it can be virtual software or real
Crowd marketing
Crowd marketing
Crowd marketing – it is a technology of covert marketing on the Internet by means of response-recommendations on forums, blogs,
Open Standard
Open standard
Open Standards for software interoperability, data and document formats *NOTE: According to the UK Government, an open standard will exhibit
Connectivity Protection
Connectivity protection
Connection Protection: the part of the Edge layer that is used to provide connectivity in case of network failure or
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing that works on a partner basis. This is a partner – a
biophilic design
biophilic design
biophilic design is an innovative method of design that incorporates elements of nature into modern design to help restore and
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial (or machine) intelligence refers to intelligent devices that learn from external inputs, data, and past experiences using algorithms. Today,
Environmental justice
Environmental justice movement
Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income
equity – the absence of avoidable or remediable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically,
search engine results page
Search engine result page
Search Engine Result Page – search engine results page. By entering a query into the search box, the user will
The report is made as a summary of the results of the work performed for a certain period. It can
Remarketing is targeting your ad campaigns to users who have previously visited your website. Ads are shown to users who
Search Engine Marketing
SEM Search Engine Marketing
Search Marketing or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most widespread forms of advertising on the Internet. It uses
Direct Messaging
Direct messaging
Direct Messaging is a messaging mechanism in which the sender and receiver are connected by caches and can exchange messages
Performance marketing
Performance marketing
This is a form of marketing that aims to improve sales, inquiries, or other measurable activities on your site. There
A newsletter is typically an email that the business regularly sends to inform customers about news or discounts. It is
environmental racism
Environmental racism
Environmental racism is the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on people of color. Environmental racism is a term coined by
Carbon neutral city
Carbon neutral city – no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, especially through offsetting emissions such as by
Target group
Target group
Target group – a specific idea of the client on whom the advertising campaign should be focused. It is determined
Press conference
Press conference
A press conference is an event organized to communicate information to the media and the public. This could be, for
impression economy
Experience economy
Experience economy the next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial economy, and the most recent service economy. The Experience
Bicycle detection
Bicycle detection and actuation
Bicycle detection and actuation sensors at regular traffic signals to alert the controller of bicycle crossing demand on a particular
Online marketing
Online marketing
Online marketing is a collective term for marketing activities in the Internet environment. As a field, it includes a number
brand mark
Brand mark
brand mark – the brand is a symbolic name for all information related to a product. Includes organization name, promotional
health disparities
Health disparities
Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease,injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced
Citizen-centric approach
Citizen-centric approach
Citizen-centric approach to the delivery of services based on solving the needs and challenges of the people they serve are
Crisis communication
Crisis communication
Crisis communication is an essential element in the field of Public Relations. It solves all situations that may damage the
Barter – the company offers its product in exchange for space in the media (on social networks, radio, or television).
Energy neutral
Energy neutral
Energy neutral the total amount of energy used on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable
Public relations
Public relations
Public relations is a set of long-term activities through which a company builds and maintains relations with its surroundings and
marketing mix
Marketing mix
A marketing mix is a set of marketing tools that interact with each other. The basic marketing mix is 4P
Diversity & Inclusion
Inclusivity an intention or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who are
Vegetation Index
Green index
The Green index is a process used to determine the amount of environmental impact a city has. The vegetation index
LPWAN Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is a type of wireless telecommunication wide area network. It facilitates long-range communications
Instrumentation is a collective term for measuring instruments used for indicating, measuring, and recording physical quantities. Field of science and
A webinar is online training. The participant does not have to go to any special place. All she needs is
A youtuber is a person who creates content on the Youtube platform. Today, YouTubers are very popular and have a
Smart networks
Smart networks
Smart networks a network that contains built-in diagnostics, management, fault tolerance, and other capabilities to prevent downtime and maintain efficient
Zero carbon city
Zero carbon city
A zero-carbon city runs entirely on renewable energy; it has no carbon footprint and will in this respect not cause
Search Engine Optimization (SEO part of Search Marketing) consists of a better display of pages in search engine results (SERP)
Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy is a long-term process that aims to set the company’s marketing goals, fulfill the vision, and create a
Waste-to-energy incineration of municipal solid waste that then uses the energy (in the form of heat) to produce electricity and/or
Urban ecology
Urban ecology
Urban ecology is the scientific study of the relation of living organisms with each other and their surroundings in the
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an application from Google that measures website traffic. With Google Analytics, you can track which marketing actions
Facebook marketing
Facebook marketing
Facebook marketing is a set of activities in which a company uses the Facebook social network as a channel of
Sense of place
Sense of place
Sense of place is either the intrinsic character of a place, or the meaning people give to it, but, more
Rails to trails
Rails to trails
Rails to trails the conversion of a disused railway into a multi-use path. Such trails emerge from the organized transformation
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
Brand awareness is an indicator of how well your target audience knows the brand. A distinction is made between types
Greenway is a strip of undeveloped land near an urban area, set aside for recreational use of environmental protection.
Autonomous system
Autonomous system
An autonomous system is a system or network that gathers information determines the needs and issues a response or other
Linkbuilding is building backlinks. A search engine optimization method that raises brand awareness over the long term and brings visitors
Open data
Open data
Open data – data that is freely available for everyone to use without copyright, patent, or other restrictions. The term
Data center
Data center
Data Center is a high-tech space, the space of which is filled with telecommunication equipment and other devices, thanks to
An influencer is a person who has an influence (social or consumer) on his followers. Nowadays, this term is connected
Encryption – аunction of transforming data by the discipline of cryptography to make the data indecipherable to anyone other than
Acute shocks
Acute shocks
Acute shocks – sudden, sharp events that threaten a city. Complex risk mechanisms A natural disaster during an infectious disease
Environmentalism broad ideology concerned with protecting the environment. A social-environmental movement aimed at strengthening measures to protect the environment from
Chicane is a series of alternating mid-block curb extensions or islands that narrow the roadway and require vehicles to follow
Email (ing) is one form of direct marketing. It is a targeted bulk sending of email messages to a specified
Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint – the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels
bike barometer
Bike barometer
bike barometer – a device that uses sensors that are calibrated to be triggered by bikes, not cars or pedestrians,
Direct marketing
Direct marketing
Direct marketing is a method of marketing communication that uses direct communication with customers. It focuses on specific customers of
Solfeggio frequencies that changing mindset sound
Solfeggio frequencies that changing mindset
Each solfeggio tune is based on a frequency that influences the subconscious and conscious mind and balances your energy.
Family life and the best interests of the child well
Family life and the best interests of the child
The aim of the proposal is to ensure that the right to family life of beneficiaries of international protection is
How not to step on happiness and satisfaction well
How not to step on happiness and satisfaction
what makes a person happy, and why does he feel satisfied? Can we feel happy without being more or less
10+1 little things you should be grateful for every day well
10+1 little things you should be grateful for every day
If you look at your life from a vantage point, you will surely find that you are not bad at
Being loneliness in trend and its economic price well
Being loneliness in trend and its economic price
While a larger proportion of people living "single" are driven by economic growth, the increase in loneliness has detrimental economic...
When change occurs, entropy is present explanation
When change occurs, entropy is present
The term entropy was initially used to measure the number of ways in which a thermodynamic system can be ordered.
Chipmakers become clear winners of the pandemic period news
Chipmakers become clear winners of the pandemic period
Chip sales rose 26 percent to $553B last year and could grow another nine percent this year. For the first
Climate protection policy confronted to the British government people
Climate protection policy confronted to the British government
Think tank Net Zero Watch confronts climate protection policy with reality and warned of Britain's economic catastrophe.
When and how to use “mirroring” in communication
When and how to use “mirroring” in communication
Gestures, expressions, postures, pitch or tone of the partner are imitated both in personal communication between partners or in the
Slovakia introduced refunding of plastic bottles and cans SK
Slovakia introduced refunding of plastic bottles and cans
Slovakia, small country of EU will launch a system for backing up plastic bottles and cans from January. It wants
Positive climate news - trees are growing surprisingly fast forest
Positive climate news – trees are growing surprisingly fast
Trees can recover on deforested areas on their own, and surprisingly quickly. This was done by scientists who in a
bable smart city influencer
Bable Smart Cities
Bable provides a smart and connected platform that gives cities and companies unique information for facilitating change.

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BeiT digital platform for buildings and apartments
Startup BeiT is an innovator in building management, fundamentally digitizing it and thus transferring it to the 21st century.
Hidden symmetry in quantum computing how work
Hidden symmetry in quantum computing
Scientists have found a way to protect highly fragile quantum systems from noise, which could help design and develop new
Partner network development
Partner network development
Developing a partner network starts with the research of potential partners based on key phrases they use on their websites.
Client profiling
Client profiling
Use proven methodology, SWOT analysis, and research including mystery shopping of your competitors to develop the profile of the primary...
data research
Research data collection
Collection of any kind of data from public and paid sources. We use a crawling mechanism that allows collecting data
Customer journey
Customer journey design
Our customer journey approach helps you deliver improved service to customers and greater value to your business. It leads to
Customer services staffing
Customer services staffing
We are a people-first company. We believe when you put people first, everything comes alive. This is how we make
Customer services operations
Customer services operations
Using analytics to drive operations and customer improvements ensures your business can be more agile and adaptive in the face
Customer services insights
Customer services insights
Using leading-edge Customer Insight tools, our data engineers and analysts discover the "What" and "Why" from previously siloed data...
Customer loyalty management
Customer loyalty management
All your customers are individuals with individual needs. Unfortunately, the 'one size fits all approach to loyalty management doesn't...
Crisis management
Crisis management
Even with the best planning and preparation, the unexpected can happen. When it does, customers will look to you for
Complaints management
Complaints and claims management
Mistakes happen. Sometimes things don't always go as smoothly as we would like. However, good service is what we expect
Customer retention
Customer retention
Organizations with high customer churn and attrition levels can find themselves running fast to stand still through customer acquisition...
Upselling and cross-selling
Existing customers frequently represent an untapped source of value growth. Proactively engaging with existing customers to recommend...
Customer onboarding
Customer onboarding
Our team will ensure that all clients are looked after. A Dedicated Sales Development Representative and Account Manager onboard each..
Sales assistance
Sales assistance
Providing support and guidance to customers that are actively looking to make a purchase can generate significant returns.
Customer acquisition
Customer acquisition
Acquiring new customers is the lifeblood of any business. Knowing who to target, when, where and how is crucial to
Sales management
Sales management
Sales management will ensure you automate the sales process, multiply your online channels and sell more. This means that we
Process Automation
Process Automation
Automation is making the difference for great customer service. The increasing use of digital assistants shows customers are...
Reporting and Analytics
We provide comprehensive reporting tailored individually for each client. The Account Manager sends weekly reports to every client...
Bid Management
Bid Management
Bid management is a complex process that might take several years to develop relations, build authority and trust, and bid
Pre-tender communication management
Pre-tender communication with stakeholders. Establish relationships, arrange meetings, introduce yourself. Meet the key people
Bid strategy
Bid strategy development
Deep dive analysis of the tender requirement. Review of both parties' documentation, bidding rules, and stakeholders matrix.
Tender qualification
Tender qualification criteria
The advanced service package for Tender opportunity research. Human-based validation of RFI and RFC tickets.
Tender opportunity research
Tender opportunity research
Get twice a month reports and data about pre-selected tenders in 3 countries of interest. Daily tracking of tenders based
In the tendering service, you will receive the research of all tenders from worldwide and according to your criteria.
Beginner’s guide to quantum computing manual
Beginner’s guide to quantum computing
Outline to everyone what the term "quantum computer" means, how "qubits" work, or what the term "superposition" means.
Calgary smart city portrait
What is a Smart City, and how do we ensure that Calgary is ready for the challenges of tomorrow? Please
Kochi smart city portrait
Kochi is a major city on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea and is part of the
Moscow yesterday and today- the Russian capital city
Moscow yesterday and today: the Russian capital
According to some journalists, writing about Moscow today is not "kosher" enough. But Moscow is not to blame for Russia's
Saudi Arabia plans to build a giant floating city experiment
Saudi Arabia plans to build a giant floating city
Saudi Arabia wants to give Dubai a run for its money. In fact, the country has plans to build a
Discovery of the gateway to consciousness in brain people
Discovery of the gateway to consciousness in brain
There's an old saying: the things you don't know are very often the things you have chosen not to know.
Dubai UAE cities development history
2018, Dubai, UAE
Dubai is a regional, vibrant economic hub with strategically competitive sectors such as tourism, trade and logistics, real estate...