Dubai to open the UAE’s first officer-free smart police station


To provide greater accessibility of services, free up police officers to deal with more meaningful issues


Dubai Silicon Oasis has announced a partnership with Dubai Police to create the first smart police station. Instead of a standard station, this smart station will provide all of the city’s standard police services – 27 traffic and crime related, and 33 public services related – without the need for any human interaction. This will allow the station to operate 24/7, providing greater flexibility for residents and tourists. Among the services offered will be the possibility to open a criminal file, request various certificates and permits, and file missing person reports, etc. The pilot project is scheduled to launch at the end of the year.

July 14, 2018 Project launch.
2030 The percentage of robot officers on the police force will be 25 percent
60 services will be provided by an autonomous police station


State: efficient use of city employees

DubaiDubai police station




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