The Georgian government had a plan to ban disposable plastic bags. So, from October 1, new regulations have come into force in Georgia, aimed at reducing environmental pollution, according to the Novosti-Georgia portal.

From now on, the country prohibits the production, import, and sale of plastic bags with a thickness of fewer than 15 microns. In addition, manufacturers have now put a logo and company name on each package.

From April 2019, the production, import, and sale of plastic bags of any thickness will Georgia complete forbid. The government will allow only biodegradable packages.

In case of violation of the rules, the subjects will get fine 500 GEL (about $ 200). That means their goods will be confiscated. Repeated violation provides for a fine of 1000 GEL (more than $ 380).
The term “biodegradable” means the ability of organic materials to decay into environmentally friendly substances due to bacteria or other biological processes. Once in the ground, such packages decompose in about 24 months and do not harm the environment.

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