A 320 square-meter photovoltaic system is put into operation on the roof of the traffic police station in Weinsberg.

“With very efficient modules, the new photovoltaic system will generate an average of around 66,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. In addition to the positive environmental balance, it is expected that electricity costs of around 10,000 euros per year can be saved during the traffic police inspection, ”said State Secretary for Finance Gisela Splett.

“I am pleased that the new photovoltaic system on the roof of the traffic police station in Weinsberg can make a further contribution to the state’s energy and climate protection goals. In addition, with the commissioning of the system, an additional component for modernizing the police station in Weinsberg will be successfully implemented, ”said State Secretary in the Interior Ministry, Wilfried Klenk MdL.

The photovoltaic system was planned and built under the auspices of the Heilbronn Office of the Baden-Württemberg State Office for Property and Construction. In the future, it will also be operated by the Heilbronn Office. The Weinsberg traffic police station has a helicopter landing pad, which is why special, low-glare photovoltaic modules are used. The investments of around 95,000 euros for the photovoltaic system pay off after about nine years thanks to the saved electricity costs.

Additional Information:
The expansion of photovoltaic systems on state properties is an important part of the updated energy and climate protection concept for state-owned properties from 2020 to 2050. It is intended to help achieve the goal of a largely climate-neutral state administration by 2040 in the Climate Protection Act for Baden-Württemberg. In accordance with the energy and climate protection concept, investments in energy-related measures in state buildings are to be continued in the coming years at an amount of at least 80 million euros per year.

By the end of 2020, an area of more than 111,000 square meters was already occupied by photovoltaic systems on state-owned properties. With the update of the energy and climate protection concept, the area is to grow to at least 130,000 square meters by 2025 and to at least 175,000 square meters by 2030.



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