2400 years ago, Platon said that continuous geometric proportions are the most intelligent cosmic formations. Connection with the golden ratio, also often called the proportion of God, is one of nature’s deepest mysteries. The golden ratio can be explained by the sum of A+B.

The golden ratio

The golden ratio.

It is the ratio of a line segment cut into two pieces of different lengths such that the ratio of the whole segment to that of the longer segment is equal to the ratio of the longer segment to the shorter segment.

Golden ratio in organization of universe elements

Golden ratio in organization of universe elements.

The Golden Ratio (phi = φ) is often called The Most Beautiful Number In The Universe. The reason φ is so extraordinary is that it can be visualized almost everywhere, starting from geometry to the human body itself.

φ = 1.61803398875

Platon said that all spirits of the Universe are linked with a single harmonic resonance. This template is possible to see everywhere in the Universe, in our world, in nature. Watching the usual things of nature like okra, broccoli, salads, or watching the stars or galaxies, we can see logarithmic and archetypal geometric models everywhere.

Even our Galactica, the Milky Way, has several spirals that are logarithmic spirals with an expansion angle of about 12 degrees every subsequent round of the spiral. So higher is the step of the spiral, more massive is its rotation. We can nicely see this effect in a slow-motion video with growing vegetables. Watching the growing plant, we can see the dance of the expansion of the spiral.

The golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral that’s expanding and turning in the principle of the golden ratio.

Turning geometry in the principle of the golden ratio. The core of Jantra visualization

Turning geometry in the principle of the golden ratio. The core of Jantra visualization.

The golden ratio is a particular mathematical dependence that we, again and again, see in the core of nature. We call this template Fibonacci or Fibonacci progress. Fibonacci extends by the principle that every subsequent number is the sum of two previous numbers.

Mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler found that self-similarity of spirals we can view on leaves, stones of plants, even in the organization of leaves of every flower in the world. Leonardo Da Vinci also recognized that space that consumes the leaves of growing plants moving up in spirals. Those models are called templates of Filotaksis, or the templates of the vegetable leaves.

Lotus flower structure based on the logic of Phi self-organization model

Lotus flower structure based on the logic of Phi self-organization model.

The Filotaksis principle is visible everywhere in self-organized structures, including our DNA. From trees, cactuses, and plants to flowers, pinecones. Look around yourself, and you will find these structures everywhere.

Cabbage flower phi self-organization structure

Cabbage flower phi self-organization structure.

We can find the templates and logic across all food-chain structures and all the living creatures. From the simplest organism like seaweeds and they’re the most available type – phytoplankton – unicellular organisms that are the first elements of food-chain and give the energy to numerous beings of all food-chain.

DNA Phi self-organization structure

DNA Phi self-organization structure.

What kind of mathematical knowledge do you need to become a sunflower or a bee? Nature does not consult with the ministry of something to create the broccoli flower. In nature, structuring is happening automatically. In the area of technologies, scientists use the term “self-organization” to describe how complex structures are formed in the hexagonal phases of DNA. In nanotechnology engineering, the carbon pipes are also working with self-organized analogic materials to operate with data. Again and again, nature creates a similar type of geometry without difficulties and automatically. Without a calculator, without computers, without mathematics. Nature is accurate and very effective.

Every form in the Universe, every physical thing, every matter, everything has its form for only one reason. It is the most effective form of existence with the lowest requirements for energy. The Universe also has a structure and use the most effective form for every of its part. These structures are also the most effective and stable system for creating architectural elements, like geodetic coupons or pyramids.

Logarithmic spiral gives plants the ability to maximally open themselves to be found by bugs, securing open access to sun rays and rain.

Coupole using Phi-based mathematical structure is the most stable architecture element

Coupole using Phi-based mathematical structure is the most stable architecture element.

We can see the spiral dance of Akasha in the world of materialistic forms and linked with our ability to see the beauty and symmetry in nature. Somehow we can understand the structure behind it.

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