The connection between green economics and the smart city population is a perfect match for the ultimate in lifestyle choices. Many are flocking to the urban areas to reap the benefits of a smart green economy.  The “Internet of Things” (IoT) combined with information technology companies (IT) have integrated green economics with the smart city population.

Connection between green economics and population

As humans interact and become socially connected through the computer they integrate with the smart system.  All becomes one around the globe. Sustainability awareness is peaking. Continual innovative approaches and methods developed by IT companies become a reality in connection throughout the smart city populations of the Earth.

As we transform into a low-carbon society we have become rich in economy and sustainable development.  A train of successes has emerged from the connection between the green economy and the smart city population. Smart cities are a magnet for social development through connectivity, both socially and economically.

Smart, Green, and Connected

Strong urban development visions are integrating the smart city population with the green economy. IT combined with IoT takes note of the smart city’s assets. Departments and sectors of the smart city are all connected through the use of urban informatics and smart technology. Data from citizens is collected through smart devices and real-time monitoring. A voice is given to all as the information is analyzed and processed. The data and information is received and monitored 24 hours a day. It permits the ultimate efficiency and communication between city officials, the government, and smart city residents. What is happening in the smart city, its infrastructure, and other sectors are available any time of the day at the push of a button enabling real-time response and rapid interaction with the smart city population.

Environmental concerns along with the economy have induced a strong interest between the smart city population and the green economy. The connectivity between the green economy and the smart city population has reached a soaring high. The large growth spurt is attributed to these two self-explanatory means as an advancement in communication.

  1. Applications of Electronic and Digital Technologies
  2. IT Companies Combined With the Internet of Things

The smart city population utilizes IT companies and data to constantly correspond with the green economy. The market becomes the residents of the smart city through the applications denoted above. The smart city population has implemented smart technology and communication into their daily lives.

Intelligence Connectivity in Smart City Population

All dimensions of a smart city are integrated including individual human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and collective intelligence. In order for intelligence to become one mega intelligence the use of advanced, or smart technology, is applied through IT company innovations and IoT. This provides the connectivity between the green economy and the smart city population. Information can be exchanged from any location and at any given time of the day through the communication infrastructure.

The smart city is a connected city traveling in cyberspace. IT companies provide the infrastructure on which it travels. Information is collected and delivered to the public portal. Residents of the smart city are able to live and work on the internet, and through it.  Every area of their life is connected through the internet. This does not burn up our natural resources and makes the way for the ultimate in connection to the green economy. The green economy is connected in every way to the smart city population both economically and socially.

The smart city is an intelligent and connected city. Green economics and the population of the city are successful due to the combined energy of both. The lifestyle is bountiful both economically and socially. Technological innovations through IT companies support all phases of life in a smart city. The most significant resource is the population itself. Every infrastructure is well maintained and up to date with the latest advancements in technology and communications.

Every citizen of the smart city is connected to every service through any computerized or smart device. Access is given to every infrastructure and input from the citizens is expertly applied. Collective action and problem-solving are a reality through cloud-based services and IoT resulting inaccurate communication.

What is the connection?

The connection between green economics and the smart city population is a strong and sustainable one. Living in a green economy is vital for our survival. This is only possible through the use of effective communication provided to us through smart technology. The very foundation of the smart city relies upon the green economy. So what is the connection? The connection is between the green economy and the smart city population.






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