We are a network of managers that support business activities connected to modern city development. All of us are big fans of innovation, technologies, and the ecological approach of people to Mother Earth. About Smart Cities is part of Smart City Enterprise network that provides proven service quality in areas of business strategy, innovations, business management, and business automation since the year 2013 as part of group Lanast Co. Ltd., the company headquartered in Prague, Czech republic.

Murphy Morningstar Casual 420

Smart Cities

Murphy takes care of the overall Smart Cities system logic, cities' architecture, and mission control.

William Trump Casual 420

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure guru. In charge of roads and utility network architecture.

Joseph Karma Casual 420

Smart Transportation

The expert for all types of smart transportation and logistics across countries and continents.

Victoria Barra Casual 420

Smart Properties

Victoria is an expert in well-constructed buildings in which you would like to live and work.

Alisa Charles Casual 420

Smart Business

Alisa is our businesswoman. She knows how to manage different smart business types properly.

Nikola Thunberg Casual 420

Green Economics

In charge of economics and its impacts on citizens. Analyses alternative economics types.

David Reeves Casual 420

Data & Technology

Master of technology and robotics from the beginning of commercial computing.

Arthur Brown Casual 420

Smart Education

Arthur is the education systems analytic and trying to make the world economy Knowledge-based.

Rajeev Nadella Casual 420

Municipal Services

In charge of municipal services and city-related must-be services management.

Luczia Wozniak Casual 420

Smart Healthcare

Cares about people's lifestyle. In charge of parts of health-care science and systems.

Sheeni Sanders Casual 420

Smart Communities

Sheeni is in charge of citizens in the digital world of social media, entertainment, and shopping.

Maria Cooper Casual 420

Climate & Ecology

Calls upon citizens to care for the environment and use renewable resources.

Gogul Pichai Casual 420

Smart Energy

Ecology saver, prevents planet safety by using alternative and green ways of smart energy.

James Kellner Casual 420

Smart Government

In charge of smart politics, government, view of power and bureaucracy.

Craig Disney Casual 420

Science & Space

Space and data-driven science guru. In charge of technology research and innovation.

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