Hong Kong creates a 3D model of itself

Geodata+ Common spatial data infrastructure


Facilitation of decision-making through the centralization of information


The city government has launched an initiative to create a three-dimensional model of the city. It is expected that this system, an open source three-dimensional geodatabase, will be used by city planners to share and store information. The peculiarity of this project is that the system can link metadata with information on the map, allowing, for example, to attach data about businesses. In this way, the data will be shared not only with government agencies, but also with other private sector information owners.
The potential of the system is that based on its open data
The government will be able to make decisions on projects underway, from garbage collection to public health programs


Government: a platform for sharing and storing spatial data
Citizens: more complete and accurate information
Businesses: access to needed spatial data

October 2018 Launch of initiative
2023 Completion of geo-base development

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