The London Government is introducing England’s first double-decker hydrogen fuel cell buses.

20 new environmentally friendly buses will join a core fleet of more than 500 electric buses. The new state-of-the-art refuelling station, built by Danish engineering firm Nel Hydrogen, allows each bus to be refuelled with hydrogen in just five minutes. The initiative is part of a programme to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. of the programme to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Goals of the JIVE and JIVE 2 projects:

  • To implement 300 hydrogen buses across Europe.
  • To support manufacturers to manufacture and improve fuel cell bus offerings, which will improve savings in cities.
  • Encourage the use of buses in the future.
  • Demonstrate hydrogen buses as eco-friendly public transport with the same operating flexibility as diesel buses, without exhaust emissions.
  • Open hydrogen refuelling stations in the European Union.
  • Point out ways to produce renewable hydrogen at low cost.
  • To share results and new experiences to implement the technology and prove the suitability of the buses for full-scale implementation.
double decker bus

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