IKE Smart City is offering free advertising to local and independent businesses, as well as non-profits.

About IKE Smart City

IKE is a venture of Orange Barrel Media, a leader in the development and operation of urban media nationwide. Since 2004, OBM has been enhancing communities from an aesthetic and economic perspective by designing, constructing, and implementing innovative media experiences that add to the character of urban places. Integral to OBM’s success is the high value placed on developing projects that balance public and private objectives to deliver value throughout communities.


IKE drives discovery through listings of restaurants, shops, activities, services, and resources. Listings are detailed, geo-located, and updated in real-time. Inclusion is free for area businesses.


IKE encourages exploration of a city by providing integrated multi-modal wayfinding. The system displays real-time transit information, route schedules, mapping, and directions, for bus, rail, streetcar, and bike/car-share services.


IKE serves as a free WiFi hotspot and improves access to social services for residents in need. From listings of area shelters to information on addiction recovery, food assistance, and job listings, IKE offers valuable resources to everyone who needs them.


Designed in concert with Pentagram and built to the proprietary specifications of our platform, every IKE guarantees the best in quality and will complement the aesthetics of any city.

Instead of being relegated to a secondary position on a tablet, the large 65” screens located on both sides of the kiosk are prominent, visually impactful, and encourage frequent pedestrian interaction.


IKE is built on an open, multi-lingual data platform that provides maximum flexibility and integration with city data sources. Our software is developed in an agile process, with city partners joining us at the table to develop new ideas and applications.

Our in-house Software Engineering team has full-stack expertise, including infrastructure, scalable backend systems, and user interfaces. This allows for the continuous evolution and innovation of our platform and gives our team the ability to customize IKE software to meet the needs of any city.

Dynamic Applications – Valuable Services and Resources

IKE’s ever-evolving suite of applications was designed to serve the needs of cities, residents, and visitors alike. Eat and Drink, Shopping, Activities, Arts and Culture, Events, Civic resources, Job boards, Stay, Arcades, Parks and Outdoor, Get around, Surveys, Safe shelter, Social services, Photobooth and Exploration tools.


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