A tool to monitor the implementation of initiatives under the strategy of London’s smart roadmap


Increasing government accountability, creating more customer-centric services through citizen consultation and control


This project supports the implementation of the Smarter London Together Roadmap, launched in June this year, and expresses the city’s commitment to the new digital government strategy, which obliges local authorities to publish their plans and consult with the public on their implementation.

The initiative uses Trello, an online collaboration tool used by organizations to manage projects, which will inform citizens about what the city is working on, and who is involved in the process and provide updates on progress.
If citizens want to comment on the project’s progress, they can use Trello or join the discussion in the Talk London online community.

June 2018 Launch of smarter London together


Government: developing more customer-centric projects
Citizens: increased trust in government, the opportunity to participate in city development



government accountability






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