International Smart City Expo 26-28 August 2020, Surabaya, Indonesia long

Indonesia has one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. With the 98 cities and 416 regencies which now developing into smart cities, Indonesia will be the greatest Smart Nation country in the future. Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum 2020 is your entrance to take the vast opportunities to be the players in Indonesia’s promising smart city market.

We invite you to join and share your innovative smart city ideas, studies, visions, products, projects, and brands related to our plan to develop Smart Cities in Indonesia

  • Grab the opportunity to promote your brand, company, and projects
  • Get Involved with Smart City’s Planners
  • Build partnerships and business opportunities
  • Enlarge your relations and knowledge from an industry expert
  • Network with investors, entrepreneurs, delegates, vendors, and decision-makers
  • Connect with the best people, institutions, and corporations
  • Exhibit your products and services.

Exhibition and Forum


Broadband, ISP, Phone Lines,
Mobile Communications, Network Services


IP Network, Digital Technology,
Analysis Software, Technology Integration, Network Security

Energy & Infrastructure

T&D Technology, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy,
Substation Automation, AMI-Enabled Metering


Building Automation, Demand-side Management, Device Connectivity, Monitoring, and Sensing, Smart Grid Integration.


Firewalls, IP Security, Physical Implementation, Managed and Monitoring Services, Cloud-Based Services, Identity Management, Smart Card.


IISMEX 2020 Forum brings together the experts to exchange the latest research and technical information and to share experiences in smart cities development.

The Professional Organiser of the Indonesia’s smart city forum.

PT. NAPINDO MEDIA ASHATAMA prides itself on delivering real benefits and results to all our exhibitors, visitors, and delegates. Established in 1989, PT. Napindo Media Ashatama has built up a portfolio of market-leading exhibitions and conferences in major industry sectors including communications, multimedia and information technology, livestock and feed, water & wastewater, presentation technology, electrical engineering/power, and livestock.


Our success is credited to an experienced team of staff that is dedicated to providing the best service and support for our exhibitors, visitors, speakers, and delegates. In addition, PT. Napindo Media Ashatama works closely with key government ministries and departments, embassies, associations, and institutions in ensuring that the events organized contribute positively to the related industries.

PT. Napindo Media Ashatama  is a leading exhibition & conference organizer in Indonesia which is responsible for Internetworks Indonesia Expo & Forum, Indo Telecom Expo & Forum, Indo Water Expo & Forum, IVAC Expo & Forum, Indo Waste Expo & Forum, Indo Renergy Expo & Forum, Indo Meelex Expo & Forum, Indo Wireless Expo & Forum, IndoCommIT Expo & Forum, Indo Livestock Expo & Forum, Indo Fisheries Expo & Forum, Indo Security Expo & Forum, Indo Firex Expo & Forum, Indo Defence Expo & Forum, Indo Aerospace Expo & Forum, and Indo Marine Expo & Forum.


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