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Does your company produce technology or solutions to be implemented in Smart Cities? How can this implementation improve people’s lives 360-degree?Close,Up

360-degree location scans for less traffic

What technology are your company’s smart solutions based on?

Is the core technology used in the soln your development, or do you integrate components from vendors into your complex solution or architecture? Our software sois solution is based on the Matterport 360 pro 2 camera.

How do you see the improvement of the city after the implementation of your projects/products in the urban infrastructure? What are the expected results in the short (2030) and long (2050) term?

We create a digital blueprint of the city with all the additional info you could want.

What are measurable criteria by which you track the performance of your solution? What are you measuring, and what parameters are you evaluating? What is the monitoring period to decide if the project is efficient?Technology

DE Dutch airline KLM and Damen Shipyards have significantly fewer travel movements. Netflix’s HQ in Europe can visit any location without actually being there.

During your Research & Development, did you discover typical problems of cities or citizens, and did you find the solution to these problems? How did you learn to integrate these technologies in cities, and what were the representatives of cities and citizens?

During covid, we were able to open buildings to government agencies.

What are the usual development costs and release period for new products/solutions? How much time does it usually take for your company from an idea through development to including the final solution in the product portfolio?

Hardware investment of 100,000, – Euros and many man-hours

What is your opinion on the direction of Smart Cities and the smart technology market soon? Which type of smart technology has the greatest potential to be successful globally? Why do you think so?Young

Digital twins with links to IoT

Which city in the world should be taken as an example of the Smart City. Why do you think so?

Amsterdam because it is multicultural

What are the common technologies used in the most developed cities? What value does this technology provide to citizens?

Circular applications and Energy management,cost-saving,

What new technologies are becoming increasingly popular today?

Can you name a few city features that have impressed you in recent years? On-demand solutions. Circular computing.

What technology should be “indispensable” in any “smart city” in Europe?

What are the specific parameters of EU cities (infrastructure, environment, culture, other) compared to Smart Cities in Asia or other countries/continents? Re-use

What do you think? What follows what? Do people change based on new technologies coming to the market? Or is it technology that changes based on people’s needs?

People change Convenience serves people

How are technologies changing our daily lives? Can technologies make the world a better place by creating a stress-free environment? What should be an innovative way that makes people’s lives more comfortable?Environmental

For example, instead of making people rushed and stressed as is visible today? Provide relaxing and sporting moments so that there is more togetherness

What inventions will change the world in the next 15 years? Have you read or seen anything in recent years that impressed you?

Nanotechnologies and IoT 

What could be the motivation of politicians or certain city representatives to develop a plan to make their cities smarter? Smarter in terms of infrastructure, technologies, culture, or an environmentally based way?

Green Urban cities




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