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Smart transportation evolution passing a long story of improvements. The first place touches commercial electric engine vehicles, for instance, electric cars and electric buses. The second-place takes the rest of transportation options with a more complex infrastructure of those, that use rail, road, water, or air to move. Smart transportation is one of the most discussed areas of smart cities. It is the closest segment increasing citizen’s city life comfort.
Electric city buses
Electric city buses
Transition to electric buses Goals Reducing the environmental impact on the environment Project The project involves the use of electric
ICT system
Pilot program of installing ICT system
Pilot project for metro modernization and installing ICT system Goals Improvement of environment and safety through the use of ICT
Dubai autonomous vehicles
Dubai autonomous pods
The traffic authority has unveiled autonomous pod buses, which are designed to travel short to medium distances in dedicated lanes.
Bentley will switch to electric cars after 2030
Bentley will launch its first electric model in 2025, and in five years will switch to an all electric car
Richard Branson's plans of Hyper-loop in India sq
Richard Branson’s plans of Hyperloop in India
People could travel in a hovering pod inside a vacuum tube at speeds as high as 760 mph (1220 km/h),
Ecological aspects of smart (electric) cars sq
Ecological aspects of smart (electric) cars
After realizing the wide benefits of smart cars, and their merits over conventional gasoline cars the question that still remains...
Modernisation of city transportation and its impacts to citizens sq
Modernisation of city transportation and its impacts to citizens
The modernized systems are also used to transport goods from one point in the city to another point. Smart city
Denmark is a frontrunner in the green car revolution sq
Denmark is a frontrunner in the green car revolution
The capital that the green revolution is breaking through on the roads. Here, almost 42% of all newly registered cars
Italy - Eni’s reaches an agreement for the delivery of a Carbon Neutral LNG cargo to CPC Corporation, Taiwan sq
Italy : Eni’s delivery of a Carbon Neutral LNG cargo
Eni and CPC Corporation, Taiwan reached an agreement for the delivery by Eni of a carbon-neutral LNG cargo to CPC
US- A New Wholesale World- Cars Easier to Locate sq
US: A New Wholesale World: Cars Easier to Locate
The speed of change in automotive retail and wholesale has been remarkable in the last couple of years. Most of
China control of magnets supplies is problem for electro-innovation
China control of magnets slowing down electro-innovation
It is the most expensive of the whole car. The car companies have realized this and are trying to move
What Should Be the Features of Smart Transportation sq
What Should Be the Features of Smart Transportation?
The essence of the features of smart transportation is to make the entire transportation infrastructure more convenient and safer.
Evolution of services quality of underground subway systems
Evolution of services quality of underground subway systems
The new technology would help with providing people with actual real-time information relating to what they can find out of
Zero-emission city buses becoming possible sq
Zero-emission city buses becoming daily reality
In most cases, zero-emission buses are made with fully electric motors, although laboratories experiment with hydrogen engines in operations.
Toyota testing solar ‘run forever’ electric car
Toyota testing solar ‘run forever’ electric car
If such a car were driven four days a week for a maximum of 50 kilometers each day, it wouldn't
Mitsubishi awarded to operate the Dubai’s driverless metro
Mitsubishi awarded to operate the Dubai’s driverless metro
Among the new railway projects, Dubai plans the construction of Automated People...
Can Electric Cars Be Energized by Drones?
New technology of energizing smart cars could help to change that in the future. One point to note entails the
german vw factories transform into electro cars production sq
Upgrade of VW’s factories into electro-cars production
After 2020, hundreds of thousands of electric cars will be manufactured in Volkswagen's German factories.
keyless car opening function is a total security disaster
Tests of keyless car opening show a total security disaster.
What has changed after three years from our first article about the keyless unlocking? Literally. Nothing.
despite of mistakes, Tesla collects a solid amount of orders Cybertruck sq
Cybertruck despite of mistakes collects a solid amount of orders
The cracked glass at the official launch of the Tesla Cybertruck and its strange appearance are public hits of the
increasing ecology war between diesel and electic cars
Increasing ecology war between diesel or electric cars?
Electric cars are expanding mainly due to the eco-friendly operation, but the study says...
real-tim electric car test results by ADAC
Real-time electric car test results by ADAC
ADAC has shone on the current offer of electric cars. In their electric car test they counted...
hydrogen powered trains began to drive in germany sq
Hydrogen-powered trains began to drive in Germany
In Lower Saxony, from September, two hydrogen-powered trains run in commercial traffic. Their electric motors, which propel the chemical reaction
autonomous buses are testing in Vienna sq
Two autonomous buses are tested in Vienna, Austria
The project consortium "auto.Bus - Seestadt" in Vienna tests two autonomous buses.
why is tesla autopilot braking because of driver sq
Why is the Tesla´s autopilot breaking? Because of the driver!
Tesla´s autopilot car accidents are a media-based theme. This is a new technology that makes...
rimac the fastest electric car in the world square
Rimac: The Fastest Electric Car in the World
His life story sounds like a film narrative. Mate Rimac, the Croats from the country almost...
city traffic will be autonomous around 2030 sq
City traffic will be autonomous around 2030
The automotive industry is expecting fundamental changes in the near future. Electromobility and smart technology...
smart traffic lights impact city traffic sq
Smart traffic lights and their positive impacting on city traffic
Have you ever driven down a road late at night and noticed it was easy for you to get through
the internet of things could impact samrt railways sq
The Internet of Things and the impact on smart railways
While various machines in rail systems can communicate with each other with ease, the Internet of Things could make...
blockchain could change the utomotive world sq
Blockchain could change the automotive world
German automaker Porsche has announced it will explore ways to make better use in of Blockchain in automotive...
smart railway technology is growing in popularity sq
Smart Railway Technology Is Growing in Popularity
Smart railway services are starting to grow in popularity as a means of making it easier for people to get
smart power systems getting critical for a smarter subway development sq
Smart power systems getting critical for a smarter subway development
One of the most common headaches people has regarding subway travel entails outages. Power issues often occur as trains...
goods transportation to be effective and ecologic sq
Goods transportation to be effective and ecologic
The most outstanding issue has been that one of infrastructure and how it affects the efficiency on...
what should be in focus in smart subway systems development sq
What should be in focus in Smart subway systems development
Subways are among the best solutions for travel in large cities. Places like Chicago and New York benefit...
next era of supply chain in smart logistics and transportation sq
The next era of supply chain in smart logistics and transportation
Smart logistics enables a logistics company to ensure that traffic routes remain open through the utilisation of intelligent...
modern smart traffic systems and technologies impact on citizens sq
Modern smart traffic systems and technologies impacts on citizens
The world we live currently is such a nice and joyful place. It is recorded that majority of the people

Importance of Smart Transportation Systems

The most discussing problems of smart transportation relate to environmental politics. The effect of carbon emissions from vehicles has reached abnormal levels. Vehicles produce carbon emissions into our environment while leaving us exposed to pollution and greenhouse gases. Thanks to the smart mobility idea and its smart transportation traffic control with a shift to electric cars can reduce the effect altogether.

The focus areas of Smart Transportation Systems

Traffic control of all types of vehicles combines installations of electronic devices in a vehicle with systematic infrastructure upgrades. For example traffic lights, video systems, and digital sensors. On the other side, the mission control collects traffic data that improves transportation effectivity by various autonomous simulations. Moreover, based on these data control the quality of the traffic service.

The transportation segment contains thousands of electrical, mechanical, software parts, but also manual interaction components. In fact, these components process chain must be ideally synchronized. Such sync allows managing devices interactions while sending the global traffic data to a city mission control center for evaluation.

Smart Transportation Types

  • Air
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Water

Smart Transportation Components

These components interaction is required to manage the improvement of Smart Transportation industry:

  • urban, people, passengers
  • government, infrastructure, public
  • sprawl, cable
  • airports, airway, stations
  • railway, railways, trains, train
  • aircraft, helicopter, aviation,
  • watercraft, boats
  • spacecraft
  • human-powered, scooters, bicycles
  • a vehicle, taxi, electric bus, electric car, buses, trucks
  • logistics, containerization, freight, shipping, planning
  • ecology, pollution
  • development, engineering, design, user interaction
  • Electric engine and its environmental positives are an alternative to internal combustion engines.
  • Smart range indicators that alert drivers about events around him and his vehicle.
  • Positioning Systems (GPS, GLONASS) satellite navigation system that provides geographical position.
  • User Interface (UI) research and experience how users interact with the computer, device, and software.
  • Hybrid vehicles that integrate a small battery and an electric motor to improve the impact of vehicles on the environment.
  • Power charging station integration to common infrastructure.
  • Telematics integration to a computer, and mobile devices.
  • Wearables and the Internet of Things allow getting the deepest insides about the Smart Cities’ behavior.
  • Decreasing trends and effective mechanisms to no traffic jam mission of cities.

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