Istanbul Airport has been awarded the International Level 1 Mapping accreditation by the independent program The Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA). The certificate is proof that the airport has set its sights on moving towards a climate-neutral economic activity. The ACA is an independent carbon accreditation program for airports that monitors and instructs airports in their efforts to assess and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Tier 1 accreditation refers to the greenhouse gas data capture phase. Carbon emissions are tested separately in accordance with the international standard ISO 14064 (greenhouse gas calculation) based on a science-based approach.

Today’s news of Istanbul Airport’s successful accreditation demonstrates the airport industry’s continued commitment to fighting climate change, a commitment that the sector does not take lightly and should not be taken for granted,” he said.

Last year, Istanbul Airport received the highest global recognition, being named a 5-star airport by London-based air transport rating agency Skytrax.




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