Innovation to Drive the Industry forward by combining experience and innovation to deliver results. A proven portfolio of smart networks, software, services, meters, and sensors helps our customers better manage energy and water for the people they serve.

Itron helps a portfolio of smart, foundational networks, connected devices, and insightful services that enable our customers to build new futures for their business, their infrastructure, and the community they serve.

Our solutions enable customers to:

  • Power safe, reliable, and resilient energy and water systems
  • Recover quickly from natural disasters and effectively manage resources.
  • Deliver enhanced, more personalized services at a lower cost.
  • Build a smart network that supports a multitude of services for decades to come.

ESG Framework

Itron has taken a holistic approach to create our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework that integrates our strategic, operational, and risk-management efforts. This framework represents our long-term view of sustainability, diversity, and accountability by centering around four key pillars as we strive to create a more imaginative world.

Environmental and Operational Stewardship

How we run our company with an eye toward sustainability

Solution Impact & Community Involvement

The difference we make, both with our technology and our people

Diversity and Our Human Capital Pledge

Our commitment to our employees across the globe

Effective Shareholder Advocacy

Our efforts to run our business predictably, profitably, and with integrity

ESG Report

Itron’s people, products, and purpose revolve around positively impacting how the world manages energy and water. Learn more about our ESG efforts and see the latest report.

Discovery Education

We’ve partnered to create an educational program and virtual field trip that encourage middle school students to explore the relationship between water and energy—all through the lens of conservation.

Power Over Energy

Power over energy is an energy literacy initiative focused on educating, empowering, and motivating us to make smart decisions about using electricity.

About Conservation Station

Dive into the energy-water nexus with Conservation Station: Creating a More Resourceful World, a new educational initiative from Itron and Discovery Education. This innovative, engaging, standards-aligned program encourages middle school students to explore the relationship between water and energy through the lens of conservation. Join us and discover how new technologies empower consumers, make cities smarter, and move us toward a more energy-efficient future.

Itron Mission

Conservation Station: Creating a More Resourceful World aims to create a nationwide dialogue on the importance of students’ understanding of current and future energy needs, resource utilization, and conservation. The program materials dive into the relationship between energy and water and how innovative technologies conserve resources through the core pillars of resourcefulness: effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.

Resourcefulness App

An Introduction to the energy-water nexus is an interactive STEM application authored by Dr. Michael E. Webber at The University of Texas at Austin that teaches key concepts about water and Energy for K-12 classrooms, colleges, industry, and the general public. This free app aims to improve water and energy literacy, encourage conservation, and inspire the next generation of innovators.


Ensuring that utilities provide quality, reliable products


Avoiding the waste of water and energy through innovative utility technology


Minimizing the impact on the environment when providing water and energy services



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