The activation of Kundalini gets activated the sixth chakra and pineal gland that causes that organism of the human to start to restore its evolution functions.

Scored seven chakra points

Scored seven chakra points

For thousands of years, meditation in the dark was used to activate the sixth chakra and the pineal gland area. Activation of that center allows the person to see his inner light. It doesn’t matter if it is an experienced master of yoga, a mystic shaman in the deepness of the cave, devoted Dao, or Maya, or Tibetian monk. Every culture practices a period of time when you are in the dark. Pineal glands are the gates that allow direct access to your energy.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: If you look long enough at the bottom of a vase, you will eventually notice that the bottom of the vase is looking at you.

When the person continuously meditates in the full dark, in the end, he starts to feel his inner energy and activates the third eye. The biorhythms regulated by sun and moon phases do not control functions of the body, and the body setups to the new rhythm. For thousands of years, the seventh chakra is the symbol of OM built on signs of Sanskrit elements.

When the energy of Kundalini moves up the sixth chakra, it starts to create the energy of Nimba. We can find the Nimba in every religion of our planet’s history. For Europeans, it’s mainly known as the halo over the head of saint people on sculptures, frescos, and drawings.

The image of Buddha in a Buddhist monastery of the 15th-century palkhor Chode

The image of Buddha in a Buddhist monastery of the 15th-century palkhor Chode.

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