Vegetables Without Soil and Sun. To grow agricultural products, mostly sun and good soil are enough. London’s Growing Underground Farm does not need one. In the former anatomical cover, they grow foliage and various herbs using a hydroponic system and LED illumination.

“The climate is changing and the population is growing. Besides that, we do not want to find things everywhere. So the focus is now on local production, “said co-founder of London’s Steven Dring farm for The Independent.

The hydroponic system consists of the cultivation of plants without the use of soil. It replaces a nutrient solution with a tightly controlled composition or other special substrates. Above all, the company claims that it uses seventy percent less water in the process than farmers in traditional farming.

Instead of the sun above the green, the LED bulbs, which, according to the co-founder and CEO of Growing Underground Didi Akinyelurov, can fully replace the sunshine. ” Finally advanced technology could replicate the spectrum of light we get from the sun,” CNBC said.

Supply in practice

The company supplies various vegetables and herbs to supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels in the UK. Customers include the Marks & Spencer chain.

But Dring is not considered to be a competitor for classical farmers. “Farmers are experiencing climate change. When they notice that there are other ways to grow vegetables, they start to be interested. They see it as a possible upgrading for their own business, “Dring said.

A similar way of growing vegetables also arrived in the Czech Republic. A year ago, in Břeclav, the vertical farm Fosfa began to grow vegetables – several floors above it without a single grain of soil (we wrote here).

The know-how of the whole operation in Fosfa they invented themselves. This high-tech brewery is historically the first in the Czech Republic. Technologies have replaced nature in every respect, and the computer controls climate inside a special greenhouse.



Unity of soul and mind making good decisions
The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention. The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.
The unity of soul and mind is the path to happiness
The unity of soul and mind is so rare that it can literally be sold profitably. All masterpieces of culture and art are the essence of unity.




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