MONTEM develops intelligent infrastructure for different sectors on municipality and national levels. We specialize in developing research-based, high-resolution, and low-power sensor networks for digitalizing existing infrastructure.

MONTEM creates the fabric of the intelligent city.

Each solar-powered CityProbe is a point in a city-wide network and will transmit the status of the urban environment in real-time. The new CityProbe 2 introduces an elegant and sturdy outer shell made from aluminum, as well as a built-in GPS for easy positioning.

MONTEM CityProbe

CityProbe is the fabric of the intelligent city. Each probe takes a snapshot at its location and transmits the status of the environment in real-time. Add more probes, and you get a live glimpse of the well-being of the city.

CityProbe has been designed for the urban environment, and it fits all common types of lamp posts. No external infrastructure is required, as it is completely self-sufficient with power using the supplied solar panel. Wireless data is included in the monthly subscription.

A CityProbe assembly consists of the main unit (the cylindrical device), amount, and a solar panel – all assembled into one coherent product. Nothing needs to be connected; data is wireless, and power comes from the sun. Mount the unit and data will flow.

Since there is only one thing to install and nothing to connect. It is easy to deploy CityProbes throughout the city. Just pick the locations – and if they later change, CityProbes can be moved without any new configuration thanks to the built-in GPS.


The urban control center. Cityflow integrates the city’s smart city devices and provides a grand overview of the urban environment in real-time through rich visualizations and engaging interactions.

Get the overview

CityFlow provides you with a grand overview of the city in real-time. Add your organization’s own smart city devices and watch the data appear through rich visualizations, including heatmap layers mapped directly on top of the neighborhoods. Slide through time and experience historic events unfolding, providing a whole new dimension to the city.

Expand your fleet

CityFlow has automatic device discovery, meaning that whether you install a new CityProbe or a custom device that was configured to send data to CityFlow, it will automatically appear on your user account as a newly discovered device. Simply confirm, assign it a location, and watch the data flow immediately and in real-time.

Matched to perfection

After a new CityProbe has been installed, it is automatically linked to your organization on CityFlow, and you can immediately start exploring the data. Gradually, you can deploy more units and watch the city get covered so the urban variations can be explored in real-time through the built-in heatmaps and TimeSlider.

Data can be useful. Data can control systems. Data can make art. The data generated by a CityProbe network can have many use cases. Read below for inspiration.

How polluted is my walk to work right now, and will it stay dry? Assuming the data from your city’s CityProbe network is made publicly available, citizens can benefit from the real-time data. Either through CityFlow or 3rd party apps, a wide variety of questions can be answered in an instant – an example is the level of particle pollution right now along a user’s morning commute. If the combined levels are hazardous, an app could suggest alternative routes that lead the citizen through e.g. parks or greenery instead, where the air might be healthier to breathe.

Another example is rain. If the citizen has to walk or bicycle somewhere, an app could use the live data to alert of current rainfall along the route, and even suggest when the best time might be to leave based on incoming data from surrounding CityProbes.



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