Moving radio access networks are one of the key trends in the development of wireless communications. Wireless points are being installed on a variety of vehicles, including urban public transport, utility vehicles, cabs, and drones.

This approach has two major advantages. First, the vehicles have an onboard power source to which the devices can be connected. Second, it is densely distributed throughout cities and highways.

radio access networks

Moving access points can interact with each other, creating wireless self-organizing networks. Thus, it is possible to provide passengers with the Internet and receive data from various onboard sensors – for example, to optimize routes and monitor urban transport.

The authors of the development are the American startup Veniam, which specializes in moving data between connected vehicles and the cloud. The company proposed a dynamic configuration of moving networks that adapt in real time to changes in load and other parameters. The algorithms can increase network bandwidth and reliability, reduce losses and delays, provide communication in “dead zones” and reduce maintenance costs.






The right and the freedom of Choice
The only freedom we have is the freedom of choice. Everyone can choose whatever he wants. The rest of the materialistic world is an illusion.
Material nature have an energetic basis
All manifestations of material nature have an energetic basis. The energy field is primary, all other physical manifestations are secondary.
The most important area of the consciousness
Hypothalamus takes care of primary and secondary areas of decision. Hypophysis takes care of the connection with the information field.

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