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societal influences
Defining Personal Values: What kind of man am I?
How do I distinguish between what is important to me and what is imposed by society?
rise of loneliness
The Paradox of Connectivity: More People, Less Humanity
The rapid advancement of technology and the digital age have brought people closer together in terms of communication and accessibility,
neural networks
Application of Neural Networks in Medical Diagnoses
The application of neural networks and machine learning in medical diagnoses stands as one of the most innovative and promising
quantum technology
New Era of Innovation
Quantum technologies are based on the laws of quantum mechanics, which describe the behavior of particles at the microscopic level.
Space Flights
Commercial Space Flights and Tourism
Commercial Space Flights and Tourism: Expanding Horizons Beyond Earth. According to Space Angels' forecasts, investments in the space industry exceeded
Discussion between Carl Jung and Albert Hofmann
Carl Jung and Albert Hofmann, focusing on their respective work on the unconscious, consciousness, and the potential role of psychoactive
Mozart and Chopin about complexity of emotions
musical ideas and influences associated with Mozart and Chopin, focusing on their contributions to classical and romantic music.
Discussion between Voltaire and George Orwell
Voltaire and George Orwell, focusing on their shared beliefs in the importance of freedom of speech, their critiques of authority,
Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre
Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre discussion
Camus and Sartre, focusing on their perspectives on existentialism, the meaning of life, and the role of freedom and responsibility.
andy warhol
Discussion between Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol
Exploration of the artistic styles and philosophies associated with Picasso and Warhol, focusing on their distinct approaches to art and
Charles Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould discussion
Charles Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould discussion
This is an imagined conversation it serves as an exploration of the scientific ideas and influences associated with Darwin and
alexander graham bell
Discussion between Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Stephenson
Discussion between Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Stephenson. Remember that this is an imagined conversation
Leonardo de Caprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg discuss environmental issues
In this imagined conversation, Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg discuss environmental issues, the role of society in preserving nature, and
what is the purpose of life
Discussion between Einstein and Tesla about Purpose of Life
Today, we have the esteemed pleasure of hosting a conversation between two of the greatest minds in history, Albert Einstein
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about God
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about God Einstein: Nikola, there is one question: the existence of God. What
albert einstein
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about Akasha
Discussion between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla about Akasha: Einstein: Nikola, I've heard that you have some interesting thoughts on
innovative technology solutions
Crowd-Sense by Visual Solutions
Visual Solutions UK Ltd Introduces Crowd-Sense, a ground breaking Crowd Measurement Service for Real-Time Analytics, uniquely suited for today’s Smart
well being
Expanding the Well-being Approach as a 2030 Trend
Governments and businesses are starting to incorporate well-being into their decision-making processes, recognizing that economic growth is not the only
Designing for a Sustainable Future: Symbiotic Architecture
Join us on a journey to discover the exciting world of symbiotic architecture! Our blog explores the innovative ways in
roads that charge electric cars
Building roads that will charge cars
According to experts, the unique road surface will allow you to stop worrying about ... track section with integrated wireless
urban environment
What technology is used by the safest cities in the world?
Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka are in the top 3 of the world's 2021 security rankings. And the credit for this goes
How drones will change the construction of the future
Drones can take photos of buildings, which are then used to create centimeter-accurate 3D models of buildings. They can also
AI – a new era in transport and logistics transformation
AI is a new era in the transformation of transportation and logistics ... improving data-driven logistics; creating safe and regulated
Future of Cities
Revolutionizing Municipal Services: Exploring the Future of Cities
Technology, including sensors, AI, and smart city initiatives, will play a critical role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of
can i afford a house
Unlocking the Key to Affordable Housing
Can i afford a house is a critical issue facing communities worldwide, and our blog offers a comprehensive guide to
chatgpt 4
OpenAI introduced GPT-4, it understands images
In February 2023, Swiss holding UBS reported that the audience of active ChatGPT by OpenAI users reached 100 million people
global warming
Global warming vs climate change
Global warming vs climate change. Global warming and climate change are related concepts, but they have different meanings.
energy source
Top innovative renewable energy companies and startups
Discover the latest and most innovative companies and startups working in the renewable energy sector. From transforming waste into energy,
green logistics
Green logistics is the way of the future
In general, green logistics are any initiatives in the supply and storage of goods aimed at sustainable development.
toyota mirai
Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, is it?
Between 2033 and 2035, the production of new cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) in the European Union will cease...hydrogen
what is carbon neutral
Trend 2030 – What does mean carbon neutral?
In 2020, the head of Google said that the company has been carbon-neutral for 13 years. The trend toward carbon
stem cell reprogramming
Human cell reprogramming, eternal life possible?
A true race has begun: who will be the first to reprogram human skin cells into human neurons. The researchers
underground home
Underground houses and why are they the future?
There are about 6,000 underground or earthen homes in the United States today. Many of these homes are equipped with
biophilic cities examples
What is a biophilic city?
What is a "biophilic city"? The author of the "biophilic city" concept is American urbanist Tim Beatley. In 2010, he
biophilic design
Why biophilic trend in home design?
Even if you've never heard of biophilic design, you already love it. After all, biophilia is a love of nature
renewable energy
5 challenges of renewable energy development in the islands
Despite the disadvantages of such energy sources (toxic production and disposal of solar panels, noise problems with wind turbines,
renewable energy sources
The impact of renewable energy technologies on…
The evolution of renewable energy has exceeded all expectations. The global demand for energy from renewable sources is steadily growing
smart home
How Smart homes will be integrated into Smart Cities?
"How Smart Homes and Smart Cities Will Change Lives ... It will be possible to control them with a device
Blockchain in Medicine
The Necessity of Implementing Blockchain in Medicine
The introduction of modern blockchain systems will give healthcare organizations a strong economic advantage, security and absolutely ...
Are Rockefellers really managing world?
The wealth of the Rockefeller clan is legendary. No one knows for sure the total size of the family's fortune,
Hyperloop technology VS obsolete subway
Even those who are not interested in news from the world of high technology, probably more than once saw stories
CRISPR – perfect DNA alteration technology
CRISPR/Cas9 technology, which allows modification of the genome of higher organisms (including humans), has become in recent years one of
digital twin technology
Digital twin: what it is, examples, applications
A digital twin is a digital (virtual) model of any object, system, process or person. It accurately reproduces the form
Visible Light Communication
In 2031 Intel transmits data with visible light
One of the most promising breakthroughs in 6G telecommunications is considered to be Visible Light Communication (VLC).
RFID: The Future Today
Nevertheless, experts predict a great future for RFID in retail, stating that ... At the same time during this period
climate change
How to reverse climate change cheaply and quickly?
What if we could remove enough CO₂ from the atmosphere to stop, or maybe even reverse, the change
chip war
Chip-war between US and CN
The "chip war" between the U.S. and China has spilled over into Europe. The technological war between the U.S. and
Demographic changes
What is the future of human development?
Futurologists have a difficult task to embrace almost immense, because in the future all spheres of human life will look
fusion reactors
Why won’t government abolish water and utility bills?
The government may have other priorities in using fusion energy, and there may be other ways to solve the problem
Smart City Platform
6 future technologies that will change Kansas
Kansas is also a state that is exploring and implementing innovative technology and smart city initiatives. Some examples of interesting
urban infrastructure
How to renew infrastructure and society after damage by war?
The most critical parts of infrastructure to renew after a war depend on the specific context of the conflict and
how to reduce carbon footprint
Human composting reduce the carbon footprint
When Rachel Gerbending, a former avid gardener, found out that dead people could be composted
what is 5g technology
1 to 5 billion 5G has taken over the world
In six years, 5G signal coverage will reach 85 percent, with 5G technology accounting for about 70 percent of all
How to use ChatGPT
ChatGPT is a chatbot based on a neural network developed by OpenAI engineers. How to use ChatGPT, a neural network
smart city budapest
Smart Budapest
the smart city vision of Budapest”, a roadmap to help Budapest become a smart city. It is not simply a
Electric cars of the future
Technological progress is advancing at a rapid pace. We asked the software what the electric cars of the future might
Innovation design tram prototype 1
AI shows trams of the future
Technological progress is advancing at a rapid pace. We can now look into the future by literally writing an AI
Innovation design bus prototype 6
Buses of the future
Midjourney has shown what the city buses of the future would look like. AI can assist in prototyping buses of
Life and Death
What do we see before we die?
"We focused on measuring 900 seconds of brain activity at death and studying what happened 30 seconds before and after
Oculus Virtual Reality
Metaverse – is it a trick or the future?
The virtual and augmented reality market will reach $37 billion worldwide in 2022. It is expected to reach $114.5 billion
reducing CO2 emissions
AI solutions for green technology to reduce CO2 emissions
These solutions will reduce CO2 emissions in the six participating cities and regions
solar panels Amsterdam
Amsterdam city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040
The city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040, of fossil fuels by 2050, and in 2030
platio solar pannels for pedestrian
How parks in Barcelona produce electricity
he city allocated 30,000 euros for the installation of the environmentally friendly sidewalk, while the remaining costs were borne by
reduce carbon footprint
10+1 Energy saving tips at home
The production of kWh of electricity in coal and gas-fired power stations uses between 300 and 1,000 grams of carbon
hydrogen double decker buses
First hydrogen DD buses in London
The London government is commissioning England's first hydrogen fuel cell double-decker buses
Gopro selfies during a gladiator battle
Midjourney selfies gladiators in battle
Why have designers and artists in the world now when Midjourney exists?
quantum key distribution
Top 6 global quantum computing development companies
We explore the 5 most influential companies in the world of quantum computing that are changing our world.
SP Group
Expanding energy efficiency standards
The National University of Singapore is testing digital energy solutions from SP Group, a leading Asia-Pacific’s leading energy supplier, to
airport carbon accreditation
Istanbul upgrades airport to decrease CO2 emissions
Tier 1 accreditation refers to the greenhouse gas data capture phase.
view smart windows
350.000 sq. foot of smart windows in Chicago airport
“Airports are adopting View Smart Windows at an accelerating pace as they seek to elevate the passenger experience and also
Startup IMPACT-E
The startup IMPACT-E is the winner of the DataCityLab program. It offers a solution to the problem of energy poverty
Finnish flag
in recent years, thanks to unprecedented growth and decision-makers working together. Finland’s capital is well on its way to becoming
The Empire State Building wind power
Empire State Realty Trust purchases wind power from Green Mountain Energy and Direct Energy.
5G technologies
5G Commercial Infrastructure
South Korea has officially launched its commercial 5G network infrastructure. The first 5G subscriber was Lota, a robot equipped with