Nokia has announced it has launched its NetGuard XDR Security Operations platform and MDR services to provide communication service providers (CSPs) with stronger protection for their 5G networks, as well as new, revenue-enhancing security offerings.

As CSPs disaggregate and open their networks and industrial enterprises increasingly connect more of their mission-critical assets, security challenges are rising exponentially; while governments around the world, such as the US, UK, India, France, are strengthening security requirements for critical infrastructure.

NetGuard XDR provides CSPs with stronger network defenses that rapidly prevent and stop threats before they materialize. The platform modules come with new analytics, machine learning, and automation functions to better manage incidents and react faster to neutralize threats.

Where CSPs require additional cybersecurity expertise, XDR is complemented by MDR. In an MDR business model, Nokia utilizes XDR capabilities and integrates the processes and skills in its 24/7 Security Intelligence Operations center to offer a holistic incident management solution for the detection and resolution of any security incident in a 5G network.

NetGuard XDR has demonstrated 70% increased effectiveness at blocking threats, according to Nokia customer field-trial data, by integrating disparate tools from multiple vendors, putting previously siloed information into context, and streamlining security automation, analytics, and response actions from across the entire network.

The platform supports subscription-based security services, such as 5G slice monitoring, endpoint protection for enterprise IoT devices, and identity and access management. The product is already being rolled out with several customers in North America and Asia.

Joel Stradling, Research Director, European Security, IDC, said: “The timing is right for Nokia’s NetGuard XDR software launch targeting CSPs, and private and public sector organizations. CSPs can leverage NetGuard XDR’s contextual analytics, automation, and ease of integration with multiple vendor tools to drive new revenue opportunities. Nokia’s 5G domain expertise, tailored processes for incident management in 5G, plus experienced security analysts combine to create a compelling MDR service with XDR capabilities.”

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Services, Nokia, said: “With NetGuard XDR and MDR, Nokia is once again demonstrating its technology leadership in the critical security space. Security is a top concern with our CSP and enterprise customers, due to the increased scale and sophistication of cyber-criminal activity; and this new platform suite and managed security offering gives customers a variety of new and needed capabilities.”




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