The purpose of this tender is to create an Office of Agile Transformation to guide and promote the agile transformation of the IMI organization.

The Municipal Institute of Informatics (IMI), upon completion of the OTA service, will adopt a set of dynamics, practices, and processes that will equip it with the tools to manage the new agile requirements of the Barcelona City Council.

The tasks to be carried out during the contract, which is detailed in the specification, will be carried out within the Barcelona City Council Digital Transformation Plan and, more specifically, within the IMI Agile Transformation Plan. The OTA will manage, among others, the following services:

Defining and implementing service demand management and agile project monitoring processes, integrating them into existing processes, and coordinating with IMI’s existing demand management and project management offices.
Manage changes related to the implementation of the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platform, ensuring its integration with current project and service management office tools.
Coordinate OTA activities with the DevOps initiative, managing changes to ongoing service management in coordination with the Architecture team and the Office of Service Management.
Facilitating and managing cultural change in IMI and Barcelona City Council, supporting training on agile concepts and practices, and coaching for development teams and stakeholders in the organization.
Creating and managing a Scrum Masters community of practice that shares experiences, criteria, and synergies and promotes integrated and effective communication between agile teams and the rest of the IMI organization.
Support for several projects that will be developed according to IMI’s agile methodology. The purpose of this support is to demonstrate the benefits of agile in terms of customer satisfaction and business outcomes.


To increase project efficiency by using the methodology of Agile


The creation of the office will be carried out by Barcelona’s digital plan, released in 2017. The office will be tasked with implementing the agile methodology in the current processes, supporting projects, managing the necessary changes of internal services, and stimulating the use of agile methods in different areas

2018: Tender Announcement





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