Improving the Urban Environment for People with Disabilities


The competition allows participants to test their innovative solutions to make life easier for people with disabilities.
Solutions that will make life easier for people with disabilities. Three key topics: transportation, development of pedestrian zones, and navigation

At the end of the contest there are 5 winners:

Melba an app that downloads city data for use in voice, text and on-screen prompts

  • ClearPath navigation system for visually impaired people to navigate in unfamiliar areas (construction sites, tactile surfaces, places of large gatherings of people)
  • Eatability a ranking system that evaluates the food service industry by accessibility for four groups of disabled people (mobility, hearing, vision and cognitive ability).
  • Walk This Way the concept of separating spaces for different groups and equipping one of the parts with tactile markers for navigation
  • Audio Access Map a mobile interactive map that reflects city facilities equipped with hearing enhancement systems

2018: Presentation of the top 5 solutions





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The intention is life itself, unconditional love. Awareness, which means we must be aware of who we really are, with all the possibilities.
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