ORACLE Smart City solution with impactful, but long-term investments

Cities of the future need impactful, long-term investments along with the right expertise. Superficial, short-term fixes will no longer suffice. This requires a deeper, broader approach to technology—one that fuels innovation and provides scalability to address future demands.

Oracle’s expertise is fundamental in helping cities better manage and leverage data to engage citizens, modernize outdated infrastructure, and automate financial management to improve efficiencies. Oracle provides data-driven services that can power a new level of community engagement across all core city priorities—from public health to payments.

As cities begin this journey, they need to address how best to incorporate their existing physical infrastructure and digital investments. With that in mind, Oracle helps cities leverage high volumes of data – combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform existing platforms into automated and mobile-friendly citizen services.

Oracle can help cities of the future meet their foundational and technology needs to better engage citizens. Unlock your city’s potential with key findings from ESI ThoughtLab and Oracle.


Smart cities with good governance follow best practices and comply with standards to realize their vision. City leaders meet the responsibilities and needs of businesses and citizens—from planning to delivery.


Smart cities nurture new industries and attract investment. They create a business and citizen-friendly environment.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart cities need to find ways to modernize the traditional building blocks of the city—clean water, safe roads, adequate power—and upgrade their digital capabilities.


Smart cities enrich working lives by providing the right conditions to attract, nurture, and retain talent with diverse skill sets and experience.


Smart cities don’t let financial constraints limit ambitions. Instead, they spend money wisely per their priorities and fuel innovation by investing for the long term.


Smart cities are always seeking ways to improve journeys for all, whether that’s cutting emissions, reducing journey times, or introducing priority traffic corridors.


Smart cities address waste management, air quality, and energy use. And they confront the causes of environmental impacts and climate change.

Public Health

Smart cities must create health-supportive environments. That includes meeting basic sanitation and hygiene needs, enabling access to healthcare, and improving the quality of life.

Payment Systems

Smart cities should be moving towards digital payments to help improve transparency, strengthen financial controls, minimize fraud, and increase revenue.



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