Plant for the processing of organic waste into renewable natural gas


To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the overall environmental condition of the city


In partnership with Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., the city will begin installing new equipment at the Dufferin Solid Waste Management Facility later this year. The new equipment will convert raw biogas produced from organic matter processing into renewable natural gas. The city will be able to use renewable natural gas to serve municipal transportation, reducing its fuel costs and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Current estimates suggest that the RNG Dufferin plant will produce about 5.3 million m3 per year, enough to power 132 heavy garbage trucks (~90% of the city’s solid waste collection fleet). This is the first of four opportunities to convert waste into renewable natural gas identified by the city.


State: environmental control
Citizens: improved safety and quality of life

2018 Pilot launch
2019 Project launch






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