A perpetual motion machine is an imaginary device that runs indefinitely and the amount of energy it outputs is greater than the energy it consumes to operate.

Why are perpetual motion machines impossible?

Such a device is impossible because it violates the first or second beginning of thermodynamics. That is why academies of sciences and patent offices in different countries of the world have long ago stopped considering numerous projects of such devices.

That is why the Paris Academy of Sciences decided not to consider perpetual motion projects in 1775.

According to the author of the invention, Anatoly Scherbatyuk, it refers to the field of energy, namely, rotary inertial engines, “which use the environmentally friendly, renewable energy of the centripetal acceleration force of the fluid rotating with the same angular velocity as the rotor of the engine”.

Mitio Kaku classifies the Perpetuum mobile as the only class of truly impossible things, along with predictions of the future.

At the expense of what sources of energy known to science should run the engine, the inventor replied:

“My perpetual motion machine does not violate the laws of thermodynamics, because it draws energy from the environment, similar to engines that run on the energy of the sun, or the energy of radioactive decay. In our case, the engine runs on the inexhaustible potential energy of the inertial head of the liquid medium. This liquid medium is also all around us. Both solid and liquid flywheels are known in the world, mine is closer to liquid. At critical revolutions, these flywheels collapse. Where does this energy come from? We just rotate it, the drive energy is spent only on rotation. Internal forces appear in the form of inertial thrust, and this is the force of inertia I use… This form of energy is known – as the energy of the force of inertia of the environment, particularly in liquids. Our surrounding world, all bodies, and liquids, in particular, are initially charged with the energy of counteraction, according to Newton’s Third Law – every action has a counteraction.

perpetuum mobile

@Анатолий Дмитриевич Щербатюк

This energy is, exists around us, just as the energy of the Sun exists. So-called centrifugal forces appear because there are centripetal forces. And centripetal forces are given to us for free; they are caused by the inner slot of the rotating rotor, which is filled with liquid. We need one condition – that this liquid should rotate with the same angular velocity as the rotor itself”.

Patent offices around the world have long since come to the point of preventively rejecting applications for perpetual motion machines. Firstly, the number of such applications is enormous, and secondly, the authors of such inventions can then deceive people by confirming the validity of their idea with a patent.





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