Planet Smart City designs and builds smart, affordable neighborhoods, that provide more than just roof overheads. The Planet App offers services and solutions to empower citizens and make life easier.

Embracing digital transformation, Planet Smart City places residents at the heart of its activities. Our smart, sustainable, and socially inclusive communities are supported by the unrivaled services of the Planet App, our proprietary digital platform which enables residents to access services and engage with each other and the neighborhood around them.

The global leader in smart, affordable housing, we tackle the global housing deficit and work in partnership with developers worldwide to revitalize existing communities through smart technologies. We transfer our unique expertise globally while always catering to local cultures’ specific needs.

Planet Smart City was founded in 2015 by Italian real estate experts Giovanni Savio and Susanna Marchionni and is chaired by physicist and entrepreneur Stefano Buono. Our headquarters are located in the UK, and we have offices in Brazil, India, and Italy.

We apply our smart solutions integration, digital services, and social innovation to enhance citizens’ quality of life.

We believe everyone has the right to live in a community supported by resilient infrastructure, technology, social innovation, and services.

Transforming how cities are built and lived in

Our world-first Competence Centre advises integrating smart solutions across four core key areas: planning and architecture, technological systems, social innovation, and the environment. Solutions are selected and applied according to each project and community’s needs.

When implementing smart solutions in our projects or working in partnership with third-party developers worldwide through our advisory arm, Planet Idea, we focus on generating positive social impact.

Technological systems

We enhance the lives of residents by integrating the latest technological solutions in networks, home automation, air quality control, security, and much more. The Planet App, our proprietary district platform, facilitates access to smart solutions, services, and activities in each neighborhood. Solutions in this category include free Wi-Fi at the Innovation Hub, Interactive totems, Nowcasting weather forecasting technology, and SOS devices.

Social innovation

Our trendy neighborhoods are designed to be socially inclusive and empower citizens to make a difference in their local community. We promote healthy and sociable lifestyles by inserting a local Community Manager into every project, as well as a library, shared spaces, and the Library of Things. We also provide best practice community guidelines on topics such as nutrition and food waste.

Planning and architecture

The integration of architectural solutions enables us to deliver high-quality, affordable homes that create communities, foster relationships, and provide lasting value to residents. Public areas are central to our neighborhoods, and green spaces improve residents’ emotional and physical well-being while reducing carbon emissions. Smart solutions in this category include the use of a functional mix, cul-de-sac streets, outdoor shared spaces, and an Innovation Hub.


The latest innovations in sustainable solutions are integrated into our real estate projects, ensuring neighborhoods are future-proof. Our communities are set up so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their way of life. Environmental smart solutions include urban gardens, native plants, community composting, bike-sharing, cycle paths, low maintenance plants, interlocking pavement, LED lighting, smart irrigation systems, and solar bricks.

Start living smart

Stay connected

Stay up to date with what’s happening in your neighborhood. Get the latest news in your community and receive updates in real-time.

Stay safe

In an emergency, use the geolocated SOS feature to direct emergency contacts to your exact location immediately.

Stay collaborative

Borrow objects from the Library of Things, book a communal space for a party, plan a sporting event with your neighbors.

Stay responsible

Keep track of your energy and water usage. Manage consumption remotely, receive tips to reduce usage, and save money.

The Planet App empowers residents and provides solutions to make life easier and cheaper. A proprietary digital platform facilitates a safe, social, and service-rich urban environment where citizens share and cooperate – improving quality of life.




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