In March, thanks to the favorable weather, Portugal was able to cover the monthly consumption of electricity from renewable sources for the first time.

Due to the rainy and windy weather, water and wind power plants produced significantly more electricity than usual in March said the Portuguese national power company REN.

Coal power plants and imported electricity were only used occasionally during peak periods. Overall, in March, green energy sources generated over 103 percent of this month’s consumption.

The Portuguese Renewable Energy Association and the ZERO environmental association have stated that this milestone reflects the trend of greater green energy use over decades of investment.

Portugal is a pioneer in the implementation of renewable energy, AP said. The slopes of the mountainous coastline are lined by a long series of wind turbines. However, according to year-round statistics, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, and Austria are leaders in the share of renewable sources of consumption in European countries. In the Czech Republic, the share of renewable sources in total consumption is around 15 percent.



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