Tracking the legitimacy of products delivery


World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia has partnered with BCG Ventures to launch OpenSC’s blockchain platform to help food businesses eliminate illegal, environmentally harmful, or unethical origins products from their supply chains. The platform uses the system of scanning QR codes. After scanning the user can get information about where the product has come from, when and under what conditions it was produced, and how it moved through the supply chain. The blockchain not only registers the movement of products but can also contain additional information such as the temperature of the product during storage.


To get information about the full product lifecycle in the supply chain, users need only a smartphone with the OpenSC app. The blockchain system provides businesses with a secure distributed ledger that creates a sense of trust for the supply chain management. Importantly, the blockchain platform can be used to automate the tracking of raw or product every time they change hands, thereby reducing the cost of tracking and reducing the risk of human error or fraud.

Project Announcement:

January 17, 2019.
Launch of the OpenSC platform


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