It is one of the biggest problems that concern electro-mobiles. Not even one specialist asks what old electric car batteries do. Recycling batteries is so far from many manufacturers’ taboos, say experts. However, China has taken everything into its hands and is preparing a solution.

This is not such a surprise. China sells about half of all-electric cars. Only during the last six months, almost 400,000 cars were sold in China. Next two years electric car production will increase, by up to two million, predicted experts. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it was aimed at automakers, along with battery manufacturers, to launch recycling programs and components.

The Present

The solution is not at a level that is fully applicable. Recycling batteries take a long time. There is also no way that rechargeable batteries can serve as sources in energy storage facilities. However, there is also a need to find solutions for recycling batteries safely, from electric vehicles in a way that does not impact the environment.

There is no change in the fact that manufacturers state that modern li-ion batteries are now 90 percent recyclable. Also, these batteries contain minimal amounts of harmful substances. They should also sustain in electric cars for several decades. Far worse is the use of a 12V starter of batteries that contain hazardous lead.

Experts’ point of view

Experts say that even here he has managed to build a high-quality recycling program over the years that will certainly not be a problem to prepare a project for disposing of batteries from cars to a socket. Let’s not be surprised. But it is clear, that it is time for researchers to start looking at it.




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