As you know, according to the form of government, states are divided into monarchies and republics. A republic is a form of government where all supreme bodies of state power are elected or formed by national representative institutions (parliaments).

republicanism government system description

This is what distinguishes a republican form of government from a monarchy, which is characterized by the inheritance of the status of the head of state. Depending on who forms the government, to whom it is accountable and under control, republics are divided into three varieties: parliamentary, presidential, and mixed. Republicanism encompasses many ideologies that argue that the people should rule, not a one-person monarch. This ideology asserts that the only legitimate government can only be elected by the people and is fiercely opposed to monarchies and feudalism. The basic principles of the Republican Parties are that the best decisions are made by the people, not by governments. That all people have equal rights and that the laws of the state should reflect traditional moral views. Republicans believe that more government involvement in the economy, high taxes, and perks kill the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit, that business should be left alone, that perks corrupt, and that government is a lousy manager. The republican tradition says that what matters is not equality of initial conditions in the social race for success or wealth (which liberalism demands) and not equality of results of the distribution of the wealth produced together (which socialism and communism demand). Equal chances of access to decision-making seats in the executive, legislative and judicial branches and the rules of ordinary life are only one part of republicanism.

Example of Republicanism government system

In the Ancient fables, one finds many slaves who skillfully coddle their masters and enjoy their lives. In terms of the republican concept, even potentially being dependent on another person’s will, even if your master is good and kind, does not make you free. The very possibility that you may be reminded who you belong to and in whose hands you are makes one a slave – he is at the mercy of another’s will, under the arbitrary rule.

Other Politic Archetypes

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