Roadmap for Transformation industry


Maintaining the relevance of the transport industry, including through using breakthrough modern technologies, as well as a human-centered transportation system by 2030


The main desired outcomes can be roughly divided into 3 categories: travelers, workers, for the industry. Among them are the development of an unmanned vehicle, specialized programs for The development of unmanned vehicles, specialized programs for professional development, the introduction of data analytics in the transportation sector, etc.

Key metrics for 2030

75% of trips during peak hours are made on public transport

85% of trips up to 20 km are made within one hour
up to 20 km are made within an hour

up to 8,000 jobs created





Stages to raise a civil conflict
I see, and I feel that current governments balance the second and third stages. Something is wrong with our society. Politics don't listen.
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When I talk about the core nature in us - I speak about consciousness. When I talk about the transformation of the environment - I speak...



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