The role of AI in the education of the future

Assignments individually selected, special personal content (after analysis of mistakes made), adaptive track and more

The format of presentation suited to the student

Change the visual range of information presentation, alternative examples and metaphors, etc.
AI gives the tools to present complex material in different ways, and later to analyze and eventually get the best way to present the educational material to the student.
In the future, this way of education will give us personalized information for each person about their perceptual abilities and show any gaps in learning.

Research from McKinsey has shown that DELTAs will be important in the future of education. These are 40 skills that guarantee successful professional development. Researchers are convinced that governments of different countries should definitely take this into account in educational reforms and that learning must necessarily include mastering these skills.

Monitoring throughout education

Artificial intelligence analyzes all the experiences of the student during the training, it allows to change the training program and make corrections to improve efficiency, change the format of the material, etc. A human teacher cannot memorize and analyze such information in detail for all students in the class, but for the AI this is not a problem.

According to McKinsey (and other expert companies), the labor market will undergo global changes in the coming decades. Many professions will lose their relevance, and millions of people will have to somehow adapt to life, and they cannot do without retraining.

But naturally, the role of the human teacher is great in the education of the future. No AI will replace humans. It is a human who must make timely changes to the teaching program, otherwise, the AI can make a mistake and teach students erroneous information.

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