Safety and security are a significant part of well-being and increases the attractiveness of the living environment. A high-quality living environment provides a variety of services and entertainment choices as well as opportunities to use and enjoy them without feeling fear. The feeling of safety affects people’s behaviors and movements. A safe and comfortable living environment encourages residents to participate in public and private services and spend their time in public places like shopping centers, market areas, and multi-functional centers. The movement of people increases the informal natural surveillance and in turn the feeling of safety.

A Survey of residents provides information on safety and security

Many cities collect residents’ views, comments, and development proposals on current issues. The residents’ comments are collected in relation to, for example, safety and security in their living environments. The survey can be carried out as a map-based Internet application in which the experiences of safety or insecurity are easily localized to a certain place. Gathered information on insecure places can be used to improve the structural or lighting conditions in such places. It is also important to be aware of places that are prioritized and favorable to residents and their well-being.

Diverse and high-quality services create well-being and safety

Safety and well-being can be improved with a versatile service supply. Beautiful parks, nearby resorts, good outdoor facilities, and diverse leisure opportunities also create safety and well-being. Residents’ information and ideas about their own living environments can be used in the identification of the business opportunities related to safety and security improvements. The residents can also be used for the evaluation and selection of ideas. They can give feedback on already available safety and security products or services. This will lead to solutions that achieve a level beyond the residents’ wildest expectations.

Innovative solutions to counter security challenges

The perception of security by urban citizens can be increased by activating their participation in communities. Information and interventions can be provided in a transparent and sustainable way. This can protect citizens proactively as well as reactively provide more effective responses and assistance. New innovative technologies like city infrastructures, social media, and mobile phones can support the increasing collective sense of security.


A variety of local and regional authorities work with better safety and security in public places. The development and maintenance of safety and security require multi-player cooperation between public, private, and third sectors as well as active-minded citizens. A positive consequence of this multi-actor cooperation is that safety and security issues are managed and observed from a variety of perspectives. This makes it possible to implement well-proven solutions in the new surroundings or to develop even more applicable solutions together with various stakeholders.

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