Samsung Smart City is a suite of solutions and services offered by Samsung Electronics that uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance sustainability, improve citizen services, and boost economic growth in cities. From smart transportation to energy management, smart governance, digital infrastructure, and quality of life, Samsung smart city korea provides a range of innovative solutions that help cities become smarter and more sustainable.

A world full of smart cities by Samsung smart city korea

Since 2014, the IESE business school at the University of Navarra in Barcelona has researched cities worldwide (this year, 174 in 80 countries). It compiles them into its Cities in Motion (CIMI) index. It ranks how smart cities are based on various dimensions: human capital, governance, urban planning, mobility and transportation, technology, environment, and others.

In 2020, for the second year in a row, London and New York ranked first and second, respectively. London ranked first in the human capital and international projection dimensions, second in governance and urban planning, and the top 10 for mobility and transportation and technology. New York ranked first in the categories of economy, mobility and transportation, and urban planning. It is also working hard to reduce waste and pollution in the coming decades.

samsung smart city

At Busan EDC, it takes a Smart Village.

Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group has joined the project of building Korea’s smart city to win an order for a “smart village” development project located in Busan EDC. It started in September 2020 it is slated for completion in December 2021, just 15 months later. The smart village will comprise 37 three-story houses and a community center.

Samsung C&T will employ eco-friendly technologies to reduce energy loss and achieve energy independence. For example, energy loss will be minimized by reducing outward-facing surfaces, installing high-efficiency windows and external electric blinds. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by utilizing renewable or eco-friendly forms of energy such as solar, hydrothermal, and geothermal, and by transmitting the excess energy to energy storage systems to consume it at night.

To create a customized residential environment, smart home technologies will be applied to all the dwellings. Samsung C&T has developed an “A.IoT” platform, which combines artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things. This platform will be used in Busan EDC to increase connectivity between systems and devices in the homes. Also, the residential data collected by the platform will be linked with external services such as healthcare, home security services, and energy saving. Furthermore, intelligent video surveillance systems, smart parking controls, and smart crosswalks will be installed in the public spaces of the village to make life more convenient.

Of course, a village is not just about the houses but also the public spacing in between. At Busan EDC, Samsung C&T will create eco-friendly and human-centered landscaping facilities by installing shared yards called “smart play yards” and walkways for pedestrians called “greenways,” connecting each house with private gardens and public walkways to turn spaces into communication channels between neighbors. Green spaces in the Smart Village will further be linked to a waterfront park, and species of plants and bushes will be planted that help lower fine dust levels and beautify the landscape each season. The tops of parking lots will be made into terraces to provide elevated outdoor spaces where residents can enjoy the fresh air.

The 37 residences will share common spaces and facilities, which will foster a sense of community, for instance, smart offices, sports facilities, unmanned convenience stores, delivery facilities, robot cafes, and community conference rooms.

The Smart Village development project in Busan EDC will be a significant opportunity for Samsung C&T to be involved in the establishment of technology and infrastructure for building the smart city of the future. We look forward to the smart and sustainable future that Samsung C&T will help to construct.

Samsung Smart City Korea What is it?

Samsung Smart City is a suite of smart city solutions and services offered by Samsung Electronics, a leading technology company. Samsung Smart City solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies such as IoT sensors, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence to help cities enhance sustainability, improve citizen services, and boost economic growth. Here are some examples, statistics, and interesting facts about Samsung Smart City:

  1. Samsung Smart City offers solutions to optimize public transportation by enabling real-time monitoring of vehicle performance, passenger flow, and traffic patterns. In Korea, Samsung has deployed a smart transportation system that uses AI-powered cameras to detect illegal parking and reduce congestion, resulting in a 10% reduction in traffic and a 20% reduction in accidents.

  2. Samsung offers energy management solutions that help cities reduce energy consumption, promote renewable energy, and improve energy efficiency. In the UK, Samsung has implemented a smart lighting system that reduces energy consumption by up to 75% while also improving lighting quality and safety.

  3. Offers solutions that help cities manage and optimize city services, such as waste management, public safety, and emergency response. In Brazil, Samsung has implemented a smart public safety system that uses AI-powered cameras and real-time data analytics to detect and respond to incidents faster, resulting in a 60% reduction in crime.

  4. Digital Infrastructure: Samsung Smart City offers solutions that help cities build and maintain a robust digital infrastructure that supports connectivity, data exchange, and cybersecurity. In Singapore, Samsung has partnered with the government to deploy a nationwide 5G network that enables high-speed connectivity and supports the deployment of smart city applications.

  5. Enhance the quality of life of citizens by providing access to high-quality healthcare, education, and social services. In Korea, Samsung has implemented a smart healthcare system that uses wearable devices and real-time data analytics to monitor patients and provide personalized healthcare services, resulting in improved health outcomes for citizens.

Samsung smart city korea solutions help cities leverage technology to enhance sustainability, improve citizen services, and drive economic growth. With its expertise in cutting-edge technologies and its global reach, Samsung is well-positioned to help cities around the world become smarter and more sustainable.

Samsung, a South Korean multinational conglomerate, has been at the forefront of innovative technology and has made significant contributions to the development of smart cities, particularly in the area of eco-friendly solutions.

Samsung has been involved in the development of the Eco Delta Smart City in South Korea, which is a sustainable urban development project aimed at integrating smart technologies for efficient resource management, environmental conservation, and improved quality of life for residents.

Samsung has also been a leader in the development of smart home solutions, including smart appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, that are designed to be energy-efficient, connected, and remotely controlled through the SmartThings app. These smart home solutions offer convenience, energy savings, and improved management of resources.

In addition, Samsung has been involved in the development of smart farm technologies, which utilize advanced sensors, data analytics, and automation to optimize agricultural production, reduce resource wastage, and improve crop yields.

Water resource management has also been a focus of Samsung’s smart city initiatives, with the development of technologies for efficient water usage, monitoring, and conservation. These technologies aim to address water scarcity challenges, particularly in urban areas, and promote sustainable water resource management practices.

Samsung’s innovative technology solutions, including smart home solutions, smart farm technologies, smart city initiatives, and water resource management technologies, contribute to the development of eco-friendly and sustainable smart cities, promoting efficient resource utilization, environmental conservation, and improved quality of life for residents.



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