History of the Sid Meier’s Civilization series (1991-2016)

1. Civilization – 1991
2. Sid Meier’s Colonization – 1994
3. Civilization II – 1996
4. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri – 1999
5. Civilization III – 2001
6. Civilization IV – 2005
7. CivCity: Rome – 2006
8. Civilization Revolution – 2008
9. Civilization V – 2010
10. Civilization World – 2011
11. Civilization Revolution 2 – 2014
12. Civilization: Beyond Earth – 2014
13. Sid Meier’s Starships – 2015
14. Civilization VI – 2016

Sid Meier’s Civilization is a rare case where a game of this genre and scale needs no empty introductory words. Even people far removed from computer games have heard of “a great strategy game in which you have to control a civilization, from the invention of the wheel to space flight.
Sid Meier's Civilization

Over the past decade, a number of global turn-based Civilization strategies have run into a serious problem: Anyone who hasn’t grown up playing three decades of games has taken hours to understand the gist of what’s going on in that game.

In this day and age of tic-tac-toe and instagram, there are few new people who are willing to read the rules and guides and spend a few hours to get started with the game.

And that’s whyFiraxis and Sid Meyer in Civilization 5 were not afraid to change the complexity of the game and wanted to attract new users, but balanced it so well that the old players were happy too

As before – the game begins by choosing a civilization, which you must take from tribal settlement stage to nuclear superpower status over the next 6,000 years. As usual, each nation has its own special features: for example, the Hindus get a big bonus against population growth in the cities, the British get an improved navy, the Russians get Cossack cavalry and serfs, etc.

Much of the gameplay in Civilization takes place on randomly generated maps (as before, you can literally customize everything from planet size to climate and landscape before you play). As before, the action of the classic game takes 500 turns. The story begins from B.C. to the near future. You begin by finding a place for the first settlement, the first fire and the encounter with barbarians, you will transport your civilization for centuries into the age of the Internet and space technology… Naturally, if you are able to negotiate with the heads of other civilizations


Civilization 5 also has great graphics even for 2022, you will see bright landscapes with neat models of units, the fog of war and dunes in the deserts. Optimization of the game is done great, but FPS can sag in the final stages of the game (when literally every cell is occupied by units or buildings), it is not surprising, after the beginning of the industrial era, lag in the game is the hallmark of this series. All fans are used to it.

Civilization 5 is the pinnacle of classic civilization mechanics. The newest installment of this great strategy game was not only a remake filled with details and modern graphics filled with hundreds of new units, but also a serious overhaul of the entire series over the years. All the key gameplay elements (economy, culture, city building, warfare) were stripped of boring details and extremely finely balanced.

  • Re-playability – yes
  • Cool story – no
  • Originality – yes
  • Easy to learn – yes
  • Expectations justified – yes: 90%



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