Siemens dimensions of smart city development

Cities continue to grow at unprecedented rates, and we are living in an increasingly urban world. How do we manage environmental impact, urban resilience, and financing? Different dimensions of smart city development have the potential to guide cities in the right direction.

The Atlas of Digitalization

Cities are undergoing a dramatic transformation as part of the fourth industrial revolution. They are increasingly using digital technologies to respond to the spread of urbanization and the huge range of challenges related to this trend. The interactive “Atlas of Digitalization” shows how this transformation is affecting six selected metropolitan areas around the world and how digital technologies are helping them improve the quality of urban life both today and tomorrow.

Fueling cities’ economic growth

Airports were once located on the periphery of the city but their importance to urban life is increasingly central. Today airports are driving growth in cities and are even creating their own “airport cities” in turn, creating local growth and jobs. Though they are not all good news for cities and their citizens, many questions being raised around noise, pollution, and often traffic congestion.

Siemens’s suite of consulting, software, and hardware solutions can help to mitigate these important questions. An interactive and comprehensive tool – the City Performance Tool (CyPT) – gives guidance to a city on how to achieve environmental targets while providing an indication of how each infrastructure-related decision will influence job creation and infrastructure sector growth.

Siemens’ airport developmental efforts currently focus on five fields of innovation. This includes intelligent guidance of passenger flows, seamless tracking of luggage and buses that drive autonomously on airport grounds as well as predictive maintenance for, and operation of, systems such as baggage handling and building technology. For this development work, Siemens is using MindSphere as the IoT platform.



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