“Sleeping Child Check System” in All the School Buses of Public Elementary Schools


To monitor the safety of schoolchildren during bus rides (child care check-in system)


Despite the implementation of safety requirements on school buses, a fatal accident occurred in July 2018 because a child was left unattended on a school bus.
The Seoul government has introduced a system to monitor children on school buses in 53 public schools.
The driver must confirm that all children are off the bus – walk around the bus, attach a smartphone to NFC modules along the bus, and make sure the bus is empty.
Safety training to prevent accidents on school buses and first aid was conducted for 106 school bus drivers and those serving 53 public elementary schools.

The Seoul government plans to increase the number of schools operating the system to 58 in 2019. To this end, the city government is allocating 4.09 billion Korean Won for the project.

2018 Project Launch

W 4.09 billion total project budget


Government: reduced traffic injuries
Citizens: reduced anxiety







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