Launch of the Smart 911 service


To create a service to help in emergencies situations


Smart 911 is a service that allows you to provide personal, medical, or situational information when you call emergency services to help in an emergency. Smart 911 is available to all Chicagoans.
Smart 911 allows citizens to create a profile. When dialed, the profile is automatically displayed to the dispatcher, allowing emergency services to be sent to the right place with the correct information. When registering, residents can include any information so that 911 and city services can familiarize themselves with it in the event of an emergency. Information provided in advance includes location, vehicle information in case of an accident, emergency contact information, family and pet information, important medical information, and illnesses such as allergies, diabetes, or epilepsy.


State: improved quality of emergency services, reduced deaths
Citizens: increase ease of use of the service

September 26, 2018 Project launch


sourceSmart 911




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