Smart Cities Council envision a world where digital technology and intelligent design have been harnessed to create smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and high-quality jobs. Tap into the transformative power of smart technologies; cities need a trusted, neutral advisor. The Smart Cities Council provides that help. We are a network of leading companies advised by top universities, laboratories, and standards bodies.

Promote cities that embody our three core values:


Cities that provide clean, healthy living conditions without pollution and congestion. With a digital infrastructure that makes city services instantly and conveniently available anytime, anywhere.


Cities that provide the enabling infrastructure — energy, connectivity, computing, essential services — to compete globally for high-quality jobs.


Cities that provide services without stealing from future generations.

Smart Cities Activator is the world’s first online collaborative platform to discover a city’s needs, assets, and stakeholders and then plan projects. Activator’s public-sector (demand-side) functionality lies in four areas:

Activator Discover

Use structured intake to survey stakeholders and gather project documentation. Use visual tools to map the stakeholder ecosystem, including legal, technical, and financial relationships.

Activator Plan

Use powerful collaborative planning tools for multiple projects with multiple stakeholders across multiple time zones while staying in perfect synch—access proven processes and templates created by experts.

Activator Exchange

Find other cities working on similar projects and suppliers with relevant specialties. (Q3 2019)

Activator Finance

Fill out a single form and push a button to be introduced to multiple financiers.

Readiness Challenges are competitions where cities are educated about achieving certain benefits such as sustainability, resilience, or even 5G. Through a combination of online data gathering and interactive education, cities learn about what they need to do to achieve these benefits. These challenges secure a lot of publicity for cities participating. All participants receive free access to Smart Cities Activator, with finalists securing attendance at Smart Cities Week and winners a Readiness

Readiness Workshops are intensive efforts using Smart Cities Activator where a city guided by Council experts can accelerate their projects.

Readiness Guide is the Council’s contribution to sharing online knowledge resources about becoming a smart city. In publication for over five years, the Readiness Guide has been considered one of the world’s best knowledge resources for making your city smart.

Smart Cities Week is a bi-annual conference produced on the east and west coast of the US and Australia where cities participating in the Council’s Readiness Program share learnings about accelerating projects and achieving the benefits of being a smart city.



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